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The bottom line here at Bert's is that we care! If you have an issue contact us directly so we can try to fix it for you as soon as possible! Call our customer service at 626.430.9430 or go to our contact page and fill out the form. We care about our customers!

04/22/2015 By Eric S. in Ontario, CA

"I've made quite a few purchases at berts mega mall but none as big as the one I made just recently. Larry G. Helped me make a well thought over decision to finally pull the trigger on my new Ducati 1299 panigale s. The first one out of Berts. All in all berts is a great place to make a decision on your next ride with miles of bikes, watercraft and side by sides to choose from and there friendly staff makes the experience that much better. Thanks guys I'm loving the new whip!"

04/16/2015 By Stephani O. in Palmdale, CA

"Wow! I had the best experience dealing with this business. It began with a phone call and a transfer over to a sales expert by the name of Pierre. Pierre listened to what I was in the market for and allowed me  to get straight down to business. To begin with I wanted to finance my new purchase and I knew I needed to go through there credit application process. I honestly thought this would be a nightmare, but to my surprise Pierre sent me over an application via email and asked me to send him a photo of my DL along with a bank card. After I received my credit application, I printed it out, filled it out, took a picture of it, and sent it right back over to Pierre via text message. That very same night Pierre called me back with an approval and asked when I would like to head down to check out the bikes. This entire process was so convenient for me since I live about 2 hours away from the mega mall. Through all of this Pierre was very patient with me and allowed me to give him a call the day I was ready to head over. The day I did decided to go and check out the inventory Pierre was amazing! Very polite and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them as well as Pierre. Also their showroom is spectacular!  
As a side note, I have to add that Pierre was very supportive and enthusiastic towards me being a female driver."

04/01/2015 By Dave A. in Riverside, CA

"Great staff. Work with me on price. Got just what I was looking for. A Red Vulcan 900 Custom. Thank you Tyler Middaugh"

03/20/2015 By Gloria E. in La Puente, CA

"Went to Bert's to look at a Waverunner. The employee Simon helped us and went above and beyond to make sure we got the best deal. I completely recommend having Simon see to your needs when you go to Bert's."

03/03/2015 By Chaun W. in North Las Vegas, NV

"Hey Chaun from Vegas here, I wanted to give a shot out to Larry, Dave,& Max. I've been in the market for a new Ducati 1199s for about a month now trying to get the best deal. Had quotes from AZ, UT, NV, CA and the best deal I found was in AZ. Then I called BERTS MEGA MALL! Larry said will beat there deal. They ran some numbers but it was only a figure because they couldn't see my trade. Got a phone call today 2/28/15 from Max the store manager and he told me that if I come down today he would make a deal that I wouldn't believe! Wife and I was a little hesitant driving 4 hours on his word and nothing in stone. Loaded up my trade and drove down to Berts. When I arrived transaction was smooth and they keep their word! The Best Deal Ever on my 2014 Ducati 1199s. Highly Recommended!"

02/21/2015 By Ford S. in Los Angeles, CA

"This place is awesome. I received the BEST service! Larry Garcia was the sales rep that sold me my bike and helped me out tremendously, he is the man to talk to. Before buying from Bert's, I bought a bike from a place in Van Nuys that literally fell apart, bolts came off while riding, my exhaust cracked, blown head gasket, the list goes on and on, and I had only had it for 6 months. I had fallen on a rough patch of bad luck and Larry really took care of me. He went above and beyond to help me get the best deal and he gave extraordinarily awesome service. If you're looking to buy a motorcycle, definitely check out Bert's."

02/21/2015 By Brandi B. in Lancaster, CA

"Lucas was a phenomenal sales associate. He was not pushy at all. My husband and I drove over 85 miles one way to purchase a R1 and Lucas and his super team (Roy and the man upstairs with the power to close the deal) went above and beyond to help us out. From the moment we walked in, which was 7:44pm and they close at 8pm, we were treated as the royalty that we are. I truly appreciated the fact that Lucas stayed late 2 days in a row to get the deal done. Holla at your boy Lucas if your in the market for any of the many products that Bert's carries. BTW Bert's is hella big so give yourself plenty of time to look around.

02/17/2015 By Kathryn S. in Riverside, CA

"My husband had bad experience at Harley Davidson.they said they could help him all he got is the run around until we went to Bert"s in Azusa we had very good costumer  service they helped my husband get the bike he wanted the smile on his face said all.I want to especially thank  Larry Garcia and Kevin Maxx Huynh they were the two gentle men that helped us.They are the two i  would ask for when we go back so Thank you both see you soon"

02/11/2015 By Jeff H. in Simi Valley, CA

"Just bought a new watercraft from them.......I have purchased two Razors and a seadoo from them before, I always plan to just look, but it seems every time they come down to the price i need to be at and beat the other dealers price. Always
seems to work out great, The staff is great and its a fun experience, like going to vegas when you walk in. To get the best deal you have to work them a little, but thats how you get them to give you a good deal, Max was the guy i closed the deal with and he did a great job, matching, then beating the other dealerships price. I didnt feel any pressure to buy, but i couldnt pass up the price. I will defiantly buy from them again . Thanks Max !"

01/31/2015 By Ashley G. in Lakewood, CA

"This place is amazing!! Don't waste time going to other dealers, come straight here. I got my r6 here and it still runs beautifully after a year. Also, my boyfriend got his r1 here recently. We both got astonishingly great prices that no one could beat on quality bikes!! The staff is great. Ask for Simon to help you out and he will hands down no bull, give you the BEST deal. Also, ask for Gary Mullen to finish up your paperwork. He gave us a few tips financial wise and other tips for bikes. As previous bike owners we recognize great customer service and no bullshit deals. This is the place to go."

01/25/2015 By Melody R. in Torrance, CA

"I visited Berts Mega Mall to review various Side by Sides.  One in particular caught my eye.  I was greeted by Larry Garcia, Sales Manager, who was very helpful.  He was personable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  As it turned out, I purchased a Kawasaki Teryx4 the same day.  Larry was ready to make a deal and we struck a good one.  Regardless of what you are looking for, ask for Larry.  He's willing to negotiate and offers a postive experience that will have you leaving satisfied and hopefully with a new toy."

01/23/2015 By David W. in Highland, CA

"I just bought a beautiful Yamaha Raider S from Bert's. I am a customer 4-Life! First, it started with seeing unbelievable prices they offered on Cycle Trader. Second, I called Marli Tun (sales rep) to confirm these low prices and to even try and improve. In no more than two 5-minute calls she offered me a GREAT deal I couldn't refuse. There was no haggling involved, she went strait to the punch. Third, she took me to Gary Mullen (finance manager) who honored every bit of that great deal within an hour. Together they had me sitting on my sled with 2-hours. And FYI they offered this bike for $4000+ less than a big competitor in San Bernardino. Trust me, go to Bert's!"

12/29/2014 By Joshua C. in Los Angeles, CA

"I have been going to Bert's for a while now. Like everyone here, I have had good experiences and bad ones(Primarily with pushy sales guys and unknowledgeable accessories girls).

However Niles in the service department has consistently been AWESOME! Niles is a credit to Bert's and motorcycle service professionals throughout the industry. He not only answers my questions and fixes my problems, he takes the time to educate me. He has been an invaluable source of motorcycle knowledge for me.

Today I brought my Duc in for new shoes and Niles was slammed with customers. When it came to be my turn, he didn't rush me through the check-in process(like most would). He took his time and patiently addressed all of my concerns...If you are having trouble with your service guy GO SEE NILES!! He has restored my faith in motorcycle service professionals. So much so that if he were to move to a different dealer/service center I most certainly will follow. One more thing, I pass at least 2 major Ducati shops(and travel 50miles) to see him, thats how much I appreciate his professionalism!


This was a long time coming."

01/28/2015 By Sergio F. in Elizabeth City, NC

"They have a large inventory to choose from. It's a nice place to go window shopping but I would recommend shopping around for a better price"

12/27/2014 By Manav W. in Burbank, CA

"Great experience from sales to delivery!!! Talk to Simon in sales, Roy in finance, Brian once you are gearing up, and David when you are ready for delivery. They are all wonderful, courteous, and knowledgable!!!"

12/27/2014 By Nestor T. in Fontana, CA

"I've always wanted a bike in my life, so on my day off I decided to give berts a visit hoping I would see the new Fz-07. I soon as I walked in I saw my future naked bike waiting for me to take her home, now I was a bit worried because I've been here before and most, if not all the sells men would tell me I need ATLEAST half down payment to even think about taking a bike home. I guess being an 18yr old, it would seem kind of odd trying to finance a bike this pricey ( for me atleast ) until a sells man named "Dj" came and assisted me. Hearing my story it seemed as if he wanted me to take my dream bike home so, he told me he would do his best to get me and that bike to go home together. I felt hope unlike other times where it was half down or get out! We went to work and the outcome was I got approved on a 2015 fz-07! I was soo stoked!  Dj gave me a great deal for it I must admit I am glad he approached me quickly as soon as he saw me checking out that naked bike haha to top it off I got some discounts on accessories, a free shirt and a resort. I can honesty say I am pleased and hope to keep a good friendship with berts, will defiantly put in the word for you guys. Peace!"

12/20/2014 By Susie 3. in Santa Monica, CA

"Went on to look at a bike my friend told me about.   Larry Garcia was very helpful and patient in making sure that I was making the right purchase, and he made sure that every detail was handled including getting me to an upholstery shop to get my seat scooped out.  I appreciated the focus on the minor details and not feeling like "okay, the deal is done now move on".   I love my new bike!"

12/13/2014 By Sean K. in Anaheim, CA

"This place is awesome! I worked with Jordan and Lance in the internet sales Department and Jayson in finance. They were upfront, honest and did everything they promised. I was in and out of there in 1 hour and 4 minutes. I never felt pressured in any way. My boy is going to have an awesome Christmas when he sees his new RZR 170! Thanks guys!"

12/04/2014 By Eddie F. in Victorville, CA

"I just bought a brand new 2015 Ducati Diavel from Larry Garcia at Bert's Mega Mall, and I had an "awesome" experience!!
My wife and I first met Larry at the International Motorcycle show in Long Beach a couple of weeks ago- where we were able to compare all the new bikes, and nothing came close to the Ducati (in my opinion). We gave Larry our contact information, and he made us an offer we could not refuse. He got us financed (over the phone), got us the rate, term, and down payment we needed. He was also able to include an extended warranty and a Ducati tank bag (specific to the bike model).
Once we arrived at Bert's Mega Mall to pick up our new bike, we were treated like "family" from the start. We were offered drinks (non-alcoholic), the paperwork was already prepared, the bike was already prepped (assembled, washed, filled with gas, etc.). And we were also given a care package (Ducati cup, t-shirt, bike cleaner, and three-day Laughlin vacation). But it didn't stop there - we also had someone take the time to go over the bike in detail, the Ducati tank bag was shipped directly to our home, and finally we were given a 20% discount on the bikes first service, and 10% off of any accessories we wanted to purchase.
"Trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed if you purchase your next bike from Bert's Mega Mall"!"

11/26/2014 By Travis A. in Long Beach, CA

"I went in to Berts looking to purchase new street bike.Andrew Munoz & Nathan Gilham were the salesmen that helped me out. I did not feel like I do when going to a car lot. These guys were not aggressive or pushy they instead were very very informative.  I (being a salesmen myself) am not an easy person to deal with. I have alot of questions and demand answers. They went above and beyond to make sure all my needs and questions were met. These two guys really do define integrity.  If your in the market for recreational vehicles I highly recommend these two guys! I also bought some apperal but was not satisfied at all with the costumer service in that department. But for a unit see these two and you will be happy!"

11/26/2014 By Darryl N Marianna E. in Twentynine Palms, CA

"My husband and I came to Bert's Mega Mall looking for a boat.  We received 5 star customer service from the sales representative Dustin Blurton.  He was extremely knowledgable in everything having to do with a boat, which made our decision as to what type of boat to purchase easier.  From the beginning when we first entered Bert's Mega Mall until the end of the purchase, Dustin was right there with us.  It took us about a week to decide but it was well worth it.  We purchased a Yamaha SX190 Boat.  The selection at Bert's Mega Mall is also outstanding.  Wonderful place to visit and browse around, either to get information or just to compare prices and make an informative decision on your purchase."

11/26/2014 By Farrah C. in Yucaipa, CA

"I have never owned a side-by-side before. It was recommended by four other friends to go to Bert's and speak to a guy by the name of Art Wood who was very knowledgeable on side-by-sides, which was good since I didn't know one machine from the next. When I arrived, I asked the front desk if I could speak to a guy named Art. She made a call and he immediately showed up. He was nice enough to explain the differences in the SxS, provided an explanation on all of the accessories that I had viewed at different websites online, and provided any requested literature. My husband joined me a short time later and he had several questions on their dirt bikes and road Spyders. We were discussing several different vehicles and Art was kind enough to answered all of our questions, as well as brought over others that knew specifics on the various motorcycles we were inquiring on. My husband and I lost track of the time and it was closing time and it was also closed the next day for a holiday. Just before closing we had finally decided on a SxS to buy and Art said 'no problem, we will take care of you.' We ran over to the parts and accessories area and picked out what we wanted to add to the SxS; Art asked that dept if they could stay open long enough for us to purchase the metal doors, roof, and other items. The SxS was prepped, the paperwork was orchestrated, and we left with a beautiful new SxS and accessories (after) the close of business hours. Our experience was phenomenal; Art and the Bert's team were very professional and we recommend all of our friends to go to Berts - - and ask for Art!"

11/14/2014 By Rick V. in Anaheim, CA

"I came to Bert's for a good deal and good customer service. That's exactly what I received. Lance helped me with the sale, Gary with financing, and Dino with my questions via email instead of having to drive way the hell over there.

I was in and out in about 2 and a half hours, although about an hour and a half consisted of breaking balls to get what I wanted for the price I wanted. And I got it. My gorgeous new Yamaha FZ07 in Graphite/Blue. Thank you Bert's!"

11/01/2014 By Jeremy F. in Riverside, CA

"Started with a online app.  Didn't think much about it because my credit is fair.  The next day I received a call from the internet department requesting some verified info.  A couple of days later a sales person contacted me that I was approved!  I made a appointment to come in and look for a quad for my son with Tony Birtle(VIP PROGRAM MANAGER). From the time we got there this salesman was very professional and honest. He made sure my family was comfortable and all together since this place is HUGE! We made the deal for my son's Suzuki  LTZ90! Let's just say my boy is very happy!!!!"

11/01/2014 By Bnb L. in San Jacinto, CA

"Awesome people. Got helped right when I walked through the doors. I did go in on a busy Saturday but there was more than enough workers there to make sure I was taken care of. Dany vidas sold me my very first bike! Woo hoo! Great, and super smooth transaction. Financing was super long but that's always a drag but Gary Mullen made sure it was fun and as fast as possible. Two thumbs up."

10/18/2014 By Milaad F. in Corona Del Mar, CA

"Background: My experience starting with a search online for boat prices both on boat trader and on Yamaha dealer sites. I went to my local dealer in Irvine with intent on buying a boat. When I walked in I was greeted and spoke with the sales man. I told him the boat I wanted and he came back with a price. On a boat with an MSRP of $27,000 they quoted me $37,000 out the door. Politely I left their showroom and called around to a dealer in Temecula whom didn't have the boat and Berts Mega Mall. Within 10 minutes and with a little haggling I got the boat for $7,000 less than the dealer in Irvine.  

Experience: After ironing out the details over the phone I drove to Bert Mega Mall. Upon making the U-turn and driving into the parking lot its evident that this place used to be a Costco or Wallmart prior to becoming a toy store, this place is HUGE. They have really nailed the experience you want to feel when you are just about to purchase a new toy, the place is exciting and everyone is soooo friendly. They are there to answer your questions and don't pester you as to whether you'd like to buy or not. Seems like everyone who works there was cleaning the bikes because everything there shines.

Everyone there is willing to help you find who and what you need without making you feel like you are wasting their time. The guy cleaning the bikes asks if I needed any help and I asked for Lucas and instead of telling me to go to the back he walks over to the intercom and pages him giving the salesman my exact whereabouts. Then comes Lucas (like the race oil), this guy is happy and police. He is a gentleman and knows how to give customer service.

Once we got the personal info out of the way he took me to look at the boat while the finance guy was getting ready, Then we took care of the finance paperwork and then off to get a free shirt, a free vacation and then speak with the guy who gives you a thorough tour of your new toy. This guy ran through everything and was very informative.

Conclusion: I made my initial decision to visit Berts ONLY based on price. Despite being over 1.5 hours from my house I can assure you there is no way I would go anywhere else. These guys are all fans of the toys they are selling and they wouldn't be there unless they liked what they were doing. You don't feel as though you are getting some lame sales guy who just wants to make a sale or move to the next guy to come through the front door. Thanks for making the experience pleasant!"

10/14/2014 By Bill S. in Tehachapi, CA

"I bought my 2014 Can Am Maverick Max from Bert's Mega Mall through their Internet sales department. I worked with a gentleman named Lance Long. I had looked around for a long time and pretty much knew what I wanted I just needed to get to a particular price point.  I requested a quote from Bert's and got an immediate reply back from Lance who helped get to my numbers in order to make the purchase. Lance and the leadership at Bert's really worked with me to close the deal and I really appreciate the ease with which the transaction took place. Everyone I came in contact with at Bert's was knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend contacting Bert's through their Internet sales for anyone interested in purchasing a new UTV and ask for Lance Long. ....Bill Schulte"

9/28/2014 By RJ M. in Duarte, CA

"Tony Birtle and Seth in finance were wonderful, no-nonsense and got me out asap.  Tony especially always had a smile on his face and was very attentive to any and all questions I had.  I am a very detailed orientated person and ask tons of questions, he was game.  Everyone gave me tips (I am a first time rider), from Seth in finance to Stephanie in parts when I was buying accessories.  They all ride and know their stuff.   I certainly haven't read all the reviews here, but I would imagine a lot negativity stems from the pricing.   I wont get into exactly how much I paid, but let me say that they do work with you and I got something I thought was very fair and reasonable.  I left about as happy as possible... now to RIDE!!!  :)
ps. one more thing, the helmet dept. is very good, they can swap out thinner of thicker cheek pads at no charge if a helmet is slightly tight or slightly loose.  This isn't advertised anywhere but is a top notch service.
pss.  one negative, its minor.  A lot of their jackets (I don't know about gloves, shoes, etc. wasn't looking at those) are last year's models.  They are new, but keep this in mind if you want the most current stuff."

9/23/2014 By Virak P. in El Monte, CA

"I am going to keep it simple. In the market for a new bike went into berts came out with the 2015 zx-6r. I bought a cbr my son dirt bike and a boat there before. Berts employ the most friendly staff there, no pressure at all my experience there overall  was good..Great place to get your toys look for Brandon hes asian with glasses real cool guy sat with me untill the paper work      done. Thanks Brandon love the bike...."

9/22/2014 By Frank B. in Carlsbad, CA

"I bought a brand new 2013 Honda CBR 1000 cc red and black trim. I got a great deal. I drove from Carlsbad Ca. The I net sales person Tony was nice and honest gave me the price over the phone I brought a cashiers check as agreed. I met the finance  director Gary Mullen the nicest guy no pressure sales a real nice guy.Matt the sales manager good guy went over figures no tricks did exactly what we talked about over the phone.I highly recommend this dealership worth the drive."

9/18/2014 By Mark E. in Corona, CA

"Just bought a 2014 Kx450 from Bert's today.

I was very satisfied with how well run the facility is. Salesman that are actually eager to sell. You walk into Chaparral and 15-20 min can go by before anyone comes to help you, not to mention you can't even get anyone on the phone at Chaparral. So I am very happy with my experience at Bert's and would recommend buying from them.

Also, keep in mind, Bert's is a huge operation with a lot of overhead. These guys will take care of you the best they can. Small shops may be able to get a little lower on prices but the service and customer satisfaction is worth it to go through Bert's Mega Mall."

9/17/2014 By Frank D. in Lancaster, CA

"I must say that when I went to my buy my rzr 2015 1000 I was on my way to another
dealer but figured I would give it a shot and see what they could do. I did have a price
for 33000 out the door with some upgrades at the other dealer and after spending time with my sales guy deniro and ryan in parts I ended up spending way more then I wanted close to 40000 but only cause I was like a kid in a candy store lol .. I shopped around for awhile so I new what certain buliders were charging for full builds.   they do the id and credit card thing people mention but that was just to verify it was me I could of left that wouldn't have stopped me. They ran my credit gave me all great good options. I was there for a few hrs but I was starting on a raw car.  I must say Ryan In parts is the best these guys called me way after business hours and even on there days off.  Deniro my sales guy called the night of and a acouple times after. I know I paid little more then I should on certain things but the car will be amazing when its done.. they better but it up on berts utv sight lol anyway the service was great and the car is getting done very quik they have been sending pics of the build and keeping me well informed ..thank you guys for helping build my dream car..  So I see there is someone that reads these post so please  go down and shake these guys hands"

9/04/2014 By Eric M. in Santa Ana, CA

"Great Place!!

Lance from internet sales made the entire process easy and enjoyable. At the time I went in which was August 28th he was teaching another gentlemen the ropes to sales work. I can't recall his name but both were really informative and helpful in getting me into my first GSXR 600.

I also worked with Roy Dinki  in finance, hilarious fellow and very informative. Made me feel like I was joining a family when in reality I was signing papers.

All in all, Roy Dinki, Lance and the other gentleman made the process really really fun and enjoyable. I can't say enough good things about all three guys.

I will be back for sure!"

9/02/2014 By Leon F. in Palm Desert, CA

"Treated me well.  Came up with best pricing.  Delivered my bike to my home as promised.  Dino was a pleasure to deal with as was Max.  Love the bike!"

8/29/2014 By Daniel V. in Duarte, CA

"Went this afternoon to check out the helmets, because I wanted to splurge and spoil myself a little but. They have a wide verity at really good and affordable prices.

During the few hours I was there looking at the new bikes they had. New and used motorcycles and the employees were very
Nice and would always ask if I had been helped. Very cool place to check out when you're trying to stay out of this heat. The ambiance is very chill and the people are extremely nice. Just a heads up. The lady in the counter will check in your helmet so you aren't carrying it around while shopping.

So far one of my favorite places to go check out the new stuff in both accessories and motorcycles. Ride safe and watch out for those dumb people driving."

8/27/2014 By Mark S. in Riverside, CA

"Talked with Niles their service writer he went to bat for me with Polaris on my razor and got my repair covered went way above the call of duty Thank you so much"

8/13/2014 By Jaison R. in Anaheim, CA

"I recently went in to check out a couple of different bikes. I met with Simon (sales rep) and he tried his best to help me out due to my current credit history which is very bad.  He then introduced me to his Manager Max. From here is where things got sketchy. I told both Simon and Max I wanted to settle with a Yamaha R6. Max promised me he would help me and get me into an R6 no problem. Max then returns and says there is only one bike that I qualify for shows me the bike and promised me it was a Yamaha R6. Luckily I went home without the bike; they still needed to service it. While at home I did more research and found that Yamaha still used old parts to make the previous models which they called the R6S. Different suspension, compression, etc.. I was really upset, so I did some research here on Yelp. Not a lot of good reviews. I went back explained why I was upset and explained why so many people here on Yelp write bad reviews on them. To my surprise, Max and Simon came thru and got me into an AWESOME 2008 Yamaha YZF R6! The bike is in awesome shape with tons of aesthetic upgrades. These guys are salesman. I understand their jobs and I do not knock that. I honestly had to say they really help me out. Overall I am a happy buyer."

8/09/2014 By Christina C. in Long Beach, CA

"We just recently purchased a bike from Bert's a 2014 Suzuki ninja 300. When we first went in we were greeted by this amazing salesman Mark. He totally made us feel at home he listened to what we wanted and helped us. He took some info and got us exactly what we wanted within our price range. It was the most amazing experience ever. He even went out of his way as to call us the next day to check up and make sure everything was going good. I will make sure to go back and see Mark. Also the gentleman Scott who helped us with our paperwork was amazing he made sure we understood everything we were signing. He explained it thoroughly.  Great people great bikes and amazing service."

8/09/2014 By Andrew L. in San Dimas, CA

"I made the switch from Chaparral Motorsports to Berts Mega Mall!

I used to avoid Berts like the plague, but this new experience made me a return customer for sure!

I had a motorcycle from Chaparral that I was wanting to sell so I could get a new one. Berts saw my ad and offered me a price over the phone for a trade in without even seeing the bike in person. I called Chaparral to see if they would extend the same offer and they said no I would have to come in. I live 10 min from Berts and an hour away from Chaparral. I can't just "come in." There was a lot of back and forth over the phone and Chaparral started playing games. Chaparral would not offer as much as Berts did and they wanted a higher price for the new bike I would be purchasing.

Long story short I stopped in at Berts and the customer service was top notch. I bought a 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 from them and I will be sure to return again when I am ready for another one!"

8/04/2014 By Niki K. in Lancaster, CA

"I purchased a red Ducati 899 Panigale from Bert mega mall.the service is the best.Larry and Phil have been help me since I first interested with a ducati 899 and contact them by email.i recommend them for u if you looking for a first bike or 2nd hand.they try their best to help me to get the bike with good deal.i first don't think I'm gonna fit with the bike or not, so they make an appointment for me to go see and seat on it if I feel comfortable with the bike.its was awesome....I love the bike so so fresh :)
Thank again Larry and Phil."

7/28/2014 By Mark M. in Riverside, CA

"It was really a pleasure purchasing my can am at Bert's.  The service is amazing!  I was greeted by every employee I came across.  The price was comparable to the other places I visited, but the service sealed the deal.  My bike was brand new, right out of the crate.  While putting it together, the service dept noticed damage from shipment which they quickly pointed out.  They ordered an entirely new front end and took care of the problem."

7/19/2014 By Navid T. in Temple City, CA

"This is a second time I am purchasing a new motorcycle at Bert's Megamall. purchased a new 2014 Yamaha YZF R1 today. Excellent and fast service. Sales Rep, Lance was helpful and made the whole purchasing experience fast and easy. Lance helped me with a great deal like the last time I bought the 2012 CBR600RR. THANKS Lance. The financial Manager, Gary had all the paper work ready for me. Excellent and fast service. Thanks Gary. I'll do business again with Bert's Megamall. I am their return customer and will be."

7/18/2014 By Bill H. in Chino, CA

"Excellent service and follow-up.  Last week I purchased a new 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Nomad.  I was referred to Bert's by COSTCO. My first contact with Bert's was on line. My sales representative was Mr. Lance Long.  Over a period of one month, Lance communicated with me often.  When I finally decided which bike I wanted, I contacted Lance to give me his best quote, and he did. I warned him that I did not want any BS and that I wanted the total "out the door" price (including tax, license, registration, and dealer prep.). On Thursday evening, we came to an agreement and Friday I was able to take home the Nomad.  When I arrived to pick up the bike, Lance was ill, but a Mr. Lucas Rivas walked me through the paper work.  After Mr. Rivas assisted me with the paperwork, I was introduced to a Mr. Gary Mullen, who assisted me with the registration and the purchase of an extended warranty plan from Kawasaki. Initially I was not interested in an extended warranty, but after he offered such a good price for the plan, I purchased an additional 3 year warranty.

After all of the paperwork was completed, Lucas and a Mr. Sean Dalrymple, explained to me how to operate all of the electronics on the bike, and how to safely operate the bike. The day after I purchased the bike, Lucas called to make sure that I was happy, and offered to answer any questions in the future. It has been a week since I purchased the bike, and I have received a follow-up email from Gary and a telephone call from Lance to make sure that I was satisfied with my purchase that the sales process at Berts.

As an attorney, I was very skeptical of Bert's from some of the negative comments that I read online. Based upon my experience with Bert's, Lance, Lucas, Gary and Sean, I would definitely recommend Bert's as a place to purchase a new motorcycle.

The next big test will be the service department experience. At 600 miles I will be returning for the initial service.  I will post my findings about my opinion of the service and parts department in the near future."

7/17/2014 By Robert G. in Wilmington, CA

"I just want to thank BERTS META MALL, from great customer service from Tony to the middle man I gave a hard time to, to the last but not least the man that made the paper work happen in financing Gary, thank you all for giving us the opportunity to add our newest member to the family 450 Yamaha....Now it's time to ride....Highly recommend this store...."

7/14/2014 By Dwayne T. in Corona, CA

"I want to give a big thanks to Bert's for their great guys and how professional they were helping me. A very special thanks to Lucas and Max they really worked with me till I got what I wanted. Check the place out great people willing to help you and you will be happy on your way out.  Thanks to Gary Mullen for the quick and painless signing of the papers. I strongly recommend asking for Lucas and Max to work for you. Thanks again all."

7/11/2014 By Polo A. in Arcadia, CA

"I've been purchasing from Bert's since 2000. The amazing thing about this place is that they have almost everything you could want, from boats, wave runners and almost all motorcycle brands. You can walk in there and easily spend 2 hours just browsing. But at the end of the day, we work hard to play hard! That's why we come to a place like this.

I've purchased 5 large ticket items from them and have always been very satisfied with my experiences. What I will recommend is that you do your homework and come ready to negotiate. Such a big beautiful store like that has a lot of overhead and their prices need to be negotiated down. They will work with you but come ready to haggle a bit.

This latest purchase for me is a 2014 Ducati 899 Panigale. First off let me tell you I first contacted a stand alone Ducati dealer. They had sold the only 899 they had. The manager at that dealership told me it was a very hot bike and they are hard to find. I walked into Bert's and they had 5 of them! This place doesn't Fuk around. Out of the 5 I picked the one that winked at me, I swear she did LOL. They were priced slightly higher but that's where your negotiating comes in. I worked out the deal and was out of there fast. Ask for Miguel he is one of the coolest sales persons in that place.. No pressure, just a stand up guy, nothing phony. I hate that shit.

Their service department is amazing! I've been dealing with them for years and they have almost everything in stock, most smaller shops order from them."

7/10/2014 By Kenia R. in Chino Hills, CA

"One of the best experiences I've had. Walked in late on Sunday, had all of my questions answered by Gary Mullen and Joe Rodriguez. I would definitely recommend asking for them if you're going in. They even stayed late for me to help with the deal. I bought a 2014 ninja 300 and feel as if I got the best price around. I had such a great experience and will definitely be going back. Such professional and friendly customer service."

7/08/2014 By Andre T. in Los Angeles, CA

"Best customer service ever! Joe Rodriguez helped us out and beat DelAmos price on the Ninja 300 we picked up! And Gary Mullen took real great care of us with the warranties and low jack! They even hooked us up with gear! We will be back for another bike!"

6/28/2014 By David L. in Claremont, CA

"I recent worked on a feature film. Bert's was amazing in their support and help. Being the worlds largest motorcycle superstore they literally have everything under one roof! The staff is extremely pleasant, and always goes the extra mile. I was so impressed by the entire experience I purchased my own bike from them. Make the trip to Bert's you'll be glad you did. I couldn't be happier having made a connection with them."

6/23/2014 By AI V. in Winnetka, CA

"Went there with my wife and my 20 years old brother in law... you would imagine  he need it a co-signer so we help him on his purchase of his new Suzuki sport bike., went there on Sunday but was almost closing time couldn't  reach the bank so we returned the following day

I work as a finance manager myself so I kinda know the business ' a little " ;) I wanted to make sure he was going to get the best deal possible . At the end of the day we were all satisfied.

want to give some props to the entire staff.; Dany & the finance guy. But specially. To My boy JOSH  FARRELL very professional  and nice guy if I'll be the manager there I will make sure you get promoted eventually , you are a good accept for 'em .....definitely I'll go to you when I purchase a bike for myself this time..good luck to you Josh"

6/05/2014 By Raquelle P. in Fontana, CA

"Ok so my sister and I went into Burt"s to buy some Jet Skis and when we walked in one of the floor guys J.R was so welcoming and helpful with everything, he was very easy going and answered all questions we had for him. He did not act like one of the "typical sales people" who just want you to buy everything. When my sister and I decided on a package deal they had he made sure everything was taken care of for us. And Steve his manager was very helpful as well made sure we were comfortable with our purchase. Then Gary got all of the paper work taken care of for us he went over everything in a very timely manner he made sure that we understood everything and by the end we had no questions everything was answered. Overall my experience at Burt's was AMAZING I couldn't have done it without J.R, Steve, and Gary so if your ever in the store make sure you ask for them!!!"

6/05/2014 By Alec N. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Great service and parts departments.

Called them early in the morning to see if they accepted the Kawasaki cards for service on bikes; the girl that answered the phone was quite nice. She answered all my questions pretty fast, and had some patience when I couldn't figure out how word my question. Haha.

The maintenance itself was cheap. I usually do the oil change myself, but don't have a bike stand anymore so decided to have them do it.

They took my bike in instantly without an appointment and it was, maybe 2 hours from close time... In total, they got it all done within 30-45 minutes just like they told me. In that time, I browsed around the parts department and bought an exhaust. (Berts will price match if you can show them proof, I just showed them the website and they matched it no problem!)

After that, I went back to wait in the A/C lobby in the service department. Have couches and a TV to kill anymore spare time.

I'll definitely be back and recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the time, or experience to work on their own bike. If you do go for service, ask for Greg Wood. Cool guy that helped me out really fast.

-Alec N."

6/01/2014 By Brian A. in Lancaster, CA

"My 1st bike buying experience was great!!!!
Our salesman Gayde George and service manager Niles were great! They answered every question we had, and were not the typical pushy salesman or bland Service Manager.
When it comes time to by another bike I know where I'm going and who I'm looking to be working with. Thank you Gayde and Niles."

5/30/2014 By Bug S. in La Verne, CA

"This place is incredible! Mega mall is exactly what it is! Jaw dropping!!! Check it out if your looking for a toy."

5/16/2014 By Rickey D. in Sunland-Tujunga, CA

"I came into the store to look at used motorcycles. Brandon and everyone in the store helped me to purchase a new 2013 Honda Shadow"

5/09/2014 By Mark Robert H. in Los Angeles, CA

"I took my Can-Am Spyder in for an oil leak having purchased the bike at another dealer just two months before.  The part to fix it was a three week backorder, and Niles, my sales rep, worked with the manufacturer (BRP) to arrange to take the part that needed to be replaced off of a new bike they had in stock and it ended up being ready the day after I dropped it off."

4/24/2014 By Stephen B. in Santa Monica, CA

"Needed rear brakes on my Can-Am Spyder, so I called and spoke to a pleasant receptionist who got me in touch with the Service writer"Jordan".  He looked up my part which he had in stock and quoted me a price for $45 per caliper install. That was $80 less than my usual place I go to. So I said would you be able to do this the next morning, he said yes, I said "you are positive?" he said yes! just be here when we open. I said I need to wait and can it be done in two hours? Yes again he says, Well I get up extra early this morning and am the first there by 8:30am, they don't open service till 9am, Today they opened there doors at 8:50am took all my info and with in an hour I was on my way. Jordan did exactly what he said. Hurrah!! I am gonna tell all my Spyderlovers. Will be getting more work done here!  BTW last rear they installed my works performance shocks for half the price of another dealership. This is "TicketBait" for those that are on Spyderlovers."

4/23/2014 By Christine H. in La Verne, CA

"Took my rzr 800 for its first service and was so pleased with the service Miguel Cejeda went above and beyond to help me!! Thanks Miguel"

4/22/2014 By Robert G. in West Covina, CA

"i have bought 3 bikes from berts mega mall since 2008 great staff friendley envior ment. i get all my service done at berts also. i have been going there since 2008 i ride alot so im always in there the service department are awsome  and friendley but what i like best is my service advisor niles grant i always wait or go through niles very knowledgeable with bikes parts and service the first time i delt with niles he was awsome friendley and professional always kept me updated on my service and in a timley matterand would always explain the issues at hand. best of all it was like dealing with a friend supper kool guy he can also relate to issues and needs because he also rides since then i will only go to niles for all my service needs. the manager is also i said that service team are awsome  and i woulnt go any where else.if you ever need your bike serviced or checked out or dont know about bikes and want someone you can trust andbe  paitience to explain it to you i recomend niles grant . and if your looking for a bike boat or watercrft i recomend berts mega mall."

4/22/2014 By Michelle B. in Pinon Hills, CA

"My husband and I just purchased a Polaris Razor!! Awesome experience!! I wouldn't go anywhere else to purchase an off - road vehicle.  The sales and finance departments made the purchase a breeze. We started with a phone call on Saturday with Robert Varis who was very helpful. We came in on Sunday and Jimmy Varis took over where Robert left off. Gary Mullen in finance had all of our paperwork organized and  ready to go and we left with our Polaris in what I consider "record time".  We told them what we wanted and the price we could afford and they made it happen.  No stress. Thank you all at Bert's!!"

4/20/2014 By Mark H. in Temecula, CA

"I've had probably the best buying experience through Bert's a person could ask for. I spoke to Art W. Friday, and mentioned I only have time Saturday the next day to pick up the Polaris XP 1000 I wanted. He put a great deal together, and because Art is off on weekends he had the staff at Bert's walk me through the purchase in short order. Art called my cell from home while I was still in the process of taking delivery. He wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly, and I indicated everything was going perfectly.  

I would like to thank Bert's, their staff and especially Art W. for the seamless way I was handled during the purchase and delivery of my new XP. It was worth the drive."

4/15/2014 By Justin R. in Pasadena, CA

"Great experience at Bert's purchasing a new bike could not have been easier. Would especially like to thank Zarli and Bryce. They really work with you to get numbers that everyone(me) can be happy with."

4/12/2014 By Jonas R. in Montebello, CA

"took my two razors to be serviced,  Niles did a great job explaining the service to be done.  Also awesome sales floor, tempting new models.  Great service every time. thanks"

4/12/2014 By Joe P. in La Mirada, CA

"From ak came to Cali bought a new ktm from Bert's and had a good experience with everything. In and out quick."

4/11/2014 By Maria C. in Los Angeles, CA

"Review on behalf of my husband: Took our Suzuki GSXR in to change the tires and was helped by Miguel at the service department. Miguel was awesome! He was so helpful and called us as soon as the bike was ready for pick-up. Overall experience was great and would definitely come back here for service!"

4/11/2014 By Dowing P. in Los Angeles, CA

"A few weeks ago I went to service my Ducati and was helped by Miguel Cejeda. I loved his customer service (friendly and attentive). Especially how thorough he explained the repairs my motorcycle required. He kept me informed as to what repairs were being done to my bike and when I should expect them completed. Always ensuring that I would get my bike back as quickly as possible.

I would recommend you ask for Miguel when you visit the service department at Bert's Mega Mall. Also, he's bilingual (Spanish), which is a plus for me but he makes you feel comfortable in whichever language you speak, he's my definitive go to service advisor."

4/05/2014 By Nick M. in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Deniro in the Internet Sales Department is the man. We exchanged a few emails and he really worked with me to get the deal I wanted. I was exchanging emails with 2 other dealers and none were as professional or as flexible. After I took the bike home there was a minor issue and Deniro worked with the Service Department to get it resolved. I couldn't have been happier with the whole process."

4/01/2014 By Robert G G. in Glendora, CA

"I just wanted to thank Jayson Norris for all of his help on my new RZR 1000 4 seater it was easy came in on a sunday did all of my paper work i pick up on following saturday and also wanted to thank the parts manager for all of his help as well on getting all of my parts i needed great team work thanks" "thank you Berts for all of your help"

3/28/2014 By Jonathan A. in Glendora, CA

"Went there to get some work done on my bike, and instantly got help, got a great price for services, done way before the time frame they said it would take and Miguel helped me and he was awesome thanks guys and keep up the great work."

3/24/2014 By Nancy L. in Escondido, CA

We made the long drive up there from escondido despite all the bad reviews. As we walked in we were greeted by this happy friendly guy with hands like a baseball mitt who introduce himself as  Dino who would turn out to be one of the greatest guys you could ever meet-- all I can tell you if you go there ask for "Dino"  and make your buying experience fun. Everyone we meet there from Dino (salesman) and all the guys in back  like Sean (sorry if i spelled ur name wrong) David to Roy in finance  and all the smiling faces in the apparel shop were so nice to us I can't say enough nice things about them except we bought 2 bikes there! Dino Thanks again from Mike and Nancy ooohrah!!!"

3/21/2014 By Adrian M. in Chino Hills, CA

"Great repair service. Miguel worked on my motorcycle and explained the process thoroughly. He was extremely helpful and kept me up to date with the status on my ride."

3/19/2014 By Danny R. in Chino Hills, CA

"I just had my 2014 Bolt serviced at Bert's(where I purchased the bike). Miguel provided me with "top notch", personalized service. He was diligent in communicating and the bike was ready earlier than promised. The quality of the work done was excellent. Great job Miguel and the Bert's service team, I would definitely recommend Miguel and Bert's."

3/19/2014 By Rebecca M. in Rialto, CA

"My husband and I recently just bought a motorcycle from Bert's and both the salesman Miguel and Raj were very polite knowledge and friendly. The finance man Guy was really awesome and quick with the paperwork. I would recommend if you are looking for a new used motorcycle or watercraft go to Bert's Mega Mall. Very large inventory."

3/08/2014 By Bob M. in Placentia, CA

"The service department rocks! Niles took care of my bike's problem with complete professionalism."

2/26/2014 By Sean A. in La Habra, CA

"i contacted the internet sales department looking to purchase a husqvarna dual sport motorcycle..they responded back quickly and zarli, called me and was very helpful ...she was great!! zarli listened to my needs and worked with my budget and  cared about my needs as a customer. ..i  love this place and would come back to buy a another bike from berts mega mall. ...i ended up buying my husqvarna from zarli and her excellent helpful staff. bryce, roy and the whole sales staff cared about making me happy..thanks everyone..i will be back to buy my ktm...special thanks to zarli she is very understanding and caring ..treated me with respect she is excellent..this place takes care of their customers and i appreciate that and would highly recommend. . zarli and berts ... thank you berts mega mall.......sean, california"

2/20/2014 By Veronica S. in Buena Park, CA

"No pushy salesman which was a big relief. We purchased a used Polaris at an awesome price. I also purchased a 2 year extended warranty at a very low price which was quite surprising. I put down a nice size down payment and financed the rest which was also at an ideal monthly payment. I thought I'd have to do some heavy negotiating but the sales guys and finance manager were great. The two sales guys we dealt with were Richard and David, both guys were extremely and genuinely pleasant to deal with. I definitely plan on returning next year when I decide to purchase another off road vehicle. I also should mention there's a nice coffee shop with some snacks in a large waiting area with 2 flat screens tv. This was perfect since I had my kids with me and it kept them occupied."

2/21/2014 By Alicia R. in Carson, CA

"My husband and I had visited many motorsports this passed month looking to purchase a Rhino or Side by Side.

I have to say that after my experience at Berts, we will never go anyplace else.

Not only did we have a Great Salesman Dino, we also had the pleasure of dealing with Gary in finance.

These two are a must if you are going to Berts or looking to buy any off-road toy what so ever! They will make it happen for you!

We ended up purchasing a Polaris Rzr 800, my husband was in heaven!!

From the minute we walked into Berts, throughout the process to the financing and even leaving the parking lot these guys were amazing. They really do go far and beyond!

I highly recommend Berts Mega Mall!!

They have everything you can possibly want for summer, from Quads, Rhino, Motorcycles, Jetskis, Boats, Everything!! All in one place.

Youll be amazed at how easy and smooth the process is to get you into your new toy!!

So dont forget, ask for "DINO" in sales!!! Hes the best!!!"

2/01/2014 By D F. in Lakewood, CA

"We have always visited Berts Mega Mall whenever we are in the area.... and today we had the opportunity of meeting associate, Ray Holley.

We have been looking for a Honda CBR500F with ANTI LOCK BRAKES and Ray assisted us with the bike they had. It is was we had been looking for since we bought our 2013 Honda CBR500R w/ABS.

Ray (with Steve P. and Cesar) made our purchase  a smooth transaction.

A great part about buying here at Berts is that they also gave us a 10% discount for parts..bummer only 1time use.  Getting our shopping list together so when we pick up bike Sunday we can go shopping.

Thank you Ray!"

1/24/2014 By Jason W. in Rowland Heights, CA

Highly recommend Louie.He is a great salesman. I sold my old bike there and bought a new one. He gave me the best deal. He knows how to talk with customers and really care about them. For real, if you want to find a HONEST salesman at berts, see him, and he knows what you want. Niles also is a good guy in service department, very helpful."

1/19/2014 By Jourdan L. in Fullerton, CA

"If you are buying parts or gear ask for Krystal.  I bought a leatt neck brace and a chest protector and even after her shift she took the time to go out of her way to size the neck brace and show me how to adjust it.  She is awesome, I could not be happier with my purchase and visit and I will definitely come back to Berts when I need anything."

1/16/2014 By Vicki A. in Huntington Beach, CA

"I don't know why some folks give such negative reviews about Bert's... They were nothing but helpful to us.  We were taken very good care of.  We were very happy with the price of our two new SeaDoos.  John Espinoza got us a great deal.  We would recommend!!!"

1/03/2014 By Andy O. in Los Angeles, CA

"First review on Yelp. I was little skeptical about going to Bert's to do any transaction, because of few reasons. One, the word is out that they are overpriced, two, the service is terrible, and three, the employees are not too knowledgeable. However, I decided to give the place a go, and purchased a motorcycle there. The salesperson that assisted me, Jordan, was very helpful from the very beginning, and was there to help me through the whole process, explaining bits by bits and any questions I had. Eventually, we talked on a deal, and we were able to agree upon a price that was the halfway point, and I walked out with a new bike and very satisfied. I gave the place five stars.

However, I took a star off, because of some other employees that are at the store. There are employees such as Jordan who are trying to work with the customers, to reach an agreement that will be able to satisfy both parties. But, some other employees that I have interacted with during my experiences at the store were uninterested in customers satisfaction, and only focus on trying to get a sale done. Hopefully, improvements can be made to the sales staff, but overall, my experience at the store was very pleasing."

12/18/2013 By Edwin M. in Pasadena, CA

"This is a Gear/Parts Review

Great customer service in the parts/accessories/ and gear department. they are very friendly, take the time to help you choose all the gear you need plus the exact sizes that fit your body. Very knowledgeable and helpful! :-)"

12/18/2013 By Denis T. in Long Beach, CA

"This is a repair SERVICE department review.

Great service, fast and professional.

With my service advisor Jordan Allen at front, they made sure my motorcycle was well taken care of.

Thanks guys."

11/26/2013 By Miguel R. in Duarte, CA

"Great place to come out and take a bike home!
Went 2 days ago and took out a clean used r6 for my cousin  with a great deal they gave us.
I guarantee you once he is done I will go get one of my own and recommend you swing buy ! Love it !! Ask for Nathan works his best to get you what you want!"

11/25/2013 By Sam S. in Anaheim, CA

"Bike heaven. They have everything! Good Luck not drooling all over the place! Also the sales people are very helpful and never pushy."

11/10/2013 By Wes J. in Los Alamitos, CA

"I just purchased a new Tiger Explorer from Lance at Bert's Mega Mall. I was really impressed and decided to write this review.
    After doing several months of research and looking at different models of bikes I decided on the Triumph Tiger Explorer and started making phone calls to the dealers in my area. When I talked to Lance at Bert's and told him a competitor's price he wasn't quite able to beat the price but he came as close as possible (I got the bike for more than $3,000 off of sticker by having my research already done when I called) and he offered me a lot of freebie's to make up for the difference.
       I really appreciate his honesty and the fact that he offered me what was available without putting any pressure on my to buy it. It really empowered me as a buyer to continue looking and see if I could get a better price while already having a great option to fall back on.
       After a couple weeks more of shopping I decided to go with Bert's and I had a pretty good experience in the purchase. Lance was extremely knowledgeable about financing and was able to answer all of my questions as well as give me some good tips. I agree with another poster that the interests rates were HIGH, and that was the one down side of the transaction.
       Long story short, do your homework, and don't commit to a sale, but I would recommend that you give Bert's the opportunity to offer you their option, because when all is said and done, I felt they were the best choice available for me, and Lance really impressed me with his helpful salesmanship."

11/02/2013 By Andrew W. in Brentford, London UK

"Having arrived in LA from the UK for a five year back and forth contract, I decided I had to buy a motorcycle. The weather's perfect, the roads are great and the bikes are 30% cheaper than in the UK. What's not to like? Well, most of the dealerships for a start. I tried three before I found Bert's Megamall in Covina, about 20 miles east of downtown LA. The first three were variously disinterested, scruffy, rude and the worst - downright untruthful about the specification of the bike I wanted to buy.

So it was a revelation to get to Bert's to find a huge range of bikes, all beautifully presented and with knowledgeably and friendly staff eager to help. As I had made  an enquiry online I has assigned one of their internet sales team David Castillo who could not have been more helpful. The store didn't have the colour I wanted in stock (Triumph Bonneville America 2013, Blue and White) so David arranged to order one in which only took about a week. Throughout the process David would call or email to let me know the progress of the deal. They were flexible on payment methods (and believe me, a foreigner in the US can find it hard to pay sometimes without a US credit history). I opted to pay cash from my UK bank account direct into the store's bank and all went really smoothly.

The bike was set up beautifully, they offered me a great discount deal and importantly, with a couple of minutes of starting the negotiation were able to give me the exact on-the-road cost of the bike. Other foreign buyers beware: the ticket price can increase by up to nearly half as much again when you add in compulsory extras such as delivery, set up, local tax, registration etc. Other dealers were very vague about the actual price.

In all a great experience which I recommend highly. One suggestion I'd make is to adopt the European practice of offering a loan bike to customers bringing their bikes in for service or repairs. Apart from making client's lives easier (Covina's nice but not that exciting) it gives Bert's customers the chance to try a newer or different model which they might well go on to buy.

Good job guys, I'll be back."

10/14/2013 By Chris D. in Simi Valley, CA

"i purchased a 2014 ducati 1199 panigale and was very happy with the deal i got and how they handle business would highly recommend buying your bike from them"

10/04/2013 By Daniel Q. in Buena Park, CA

"Great selection, great staff, fun environment. Was able to purchase first fz 09 from berts. The bike did not even hit showroom floor. Thanks to freddy and robert in sales and jimmy in finance. Also the parts guys are great. gave me tips and advice on gear plus discount on gear for bike purchase."

10/03/2013 By Robbie S. in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"My recent experience at Bert's couldn't have been better! 13 years ago, I first stepped into Bert's and purchased a Sea Doo GTX Millineum. It was a great experience and I was very pleased. This last Saterday, I made the trip from south orange county to Bert's again looking for a 4 stroke model and was pleasantly greated by Zarli who was one of their sales people. I told Zarli what I was looking for and what model I wanted and she located the model I wanted from their inventory still in the crate. Earlier, I had done my homework and knew the price i wanted to pay. I had been to most of the  dealerships in OC and in LA. So I was well prepared for the haggle. Zarli was kind and the most least pressed sales person I have ever met. She knew what I wanted and left me for about 5 minutes after talking with her supervisor and came back with a price. It was a great out the door price but I needed to include my 13 year old sea doo into the deal. Zarli checked again with her supervisor and was back in 5 minutes with a fair offer. I accepted and I couldn't  have been happier with my experience at Bert's and how I was treated. Zarli was a breath of fresh air and one of the kindest, no pressured sales people I have ever met!  Before I went into sign some paper work, I was greeted by Ron the owner of Bert's and was congratulated on my purchase. For a large business like Bert's and for an owner like Ron to take a few minutes out of his day to say hello, I was very impressed! Ron is a class act and so is Bert's!  I will recommend them to everyone I know and let them know the drive is well worth it.

Thank you Bert's!"

10/01/2013 By Emilio F. in Upland, CA

"Back in July, my beautiful, wonderful, and gracious wife Julie bought me a Ducati Panigale 1199 S from Bert's Mega Mall, for my birthday. She was very pleased with the whole experience, the sales man Ben Kennedy was very helpful. They delivered the Duc to the house for the big surprise. I am most impressed wit the bike except the turn signal didn't work. I lived with it until the 600 mile service at which time I took it to Bert's for it's first service. Niles the service representative was very helpful, I felt it took a bit too long to get the bike back, but alas I have it back and all is right with the world and I don't have to watch the rev counter any longer...yay."

09/12/2013 By Juan S. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I purchased my first brand new motorcycle here and I am very pleased on the whole process from first contacting Mark Girvin to final docs with Jayson Norris. I have been visiting this store for over 25yrs and I finally got me an awesome Golwing F6B.. Thank you guys.."

08/28/2013 By Lissa C. in Chatsworth, CA

"If you are looking for a motorcycle retailer that is outstanding in it's customer service please stop by here. Ask for Joe, and See if Gary is available to handle your finance needs. These two gentlemen put a nervous mom at ease with their help and tips. They weren't just there to "sell" me a bike for my 20 yr old. They were there to sincerely  help me out. They worked with me on choosing the right bike, as well as finance needs. Helpful, friendly, and A wonderful experience. My visit to their place was Last Thursday. 8/22/13.

I'd go back there again, when it's time to upgrade to a new bike. Thanks Joe and Gary for a wonderful experience."

08/17/2013 By Josh J. in Newport Beach, CA

"I just bought my bike yesterday from Bert's and I got an awesome deal on it! They worked with us and found a price that worked perfect for us! Bruno Sandoval in financing was awesome and made sure we knew exactly everything we were signing and really helped us out a lot through the purchasing process. Bruno just a quality dude in my opinion. Thanks Bruno and Bert's for my first bike!"

08/14/2013 By Alex S. in Baywood-Los Osos, CA

"Bert's Mega Mall's inventory is incredible, all of the latest and most beastly machines right there in front of you. 13 years ago when I was a kid my family had bought 3 bikes here, a CRF150 for myself, a CRF80 for my brother, and a TRX250EX for my mother. We've always been into motorsports, and I took it further with street bikes.

I've always bounced around from used bike to used bike, starting with a GSXR 1000, then an R1, and after experiencing what the R1 had to offer even though it was an older model I knew I had to have it. Being from the central coast (San Luis Obispo) I tried finding one everywhere with no luck, then finally had some at a little place in Chatsworth (long story short avoid a headache and stress, just go to Bert's!)

I never imagined I would be riding a 2013 R1 with 0 miles. I don't have the greatest credit which I thought would put me on ridiculously high interest with a HUGE down payment needed, BOTH of those thoughts were so wrong, between Mark my salesman, Garry in financing and Max helping here and there it was the most simplistic, straightforward process that didn't leave me waking up the next day reciting to myself "What have I done?!".

Bert's is an amazing place, with amazing stock, and amazing people to make it all possible! Strangest thing dawned on me after my experience here, you know those situations where when you were a little kid something seemed so unreal and out of this world? (A terrifyingly deep pool for example) You revisit that same 'pool' as an adult and you laugh at what you thought was so terrifyingly deep as you stand with your head far above the water level. Bert's still gave me that unreal and out of this world feeling 13 years later! :-)"

08/10/2013 By Alana S. in Los Angeles, CA

"Walked-in last Wed at 6:30pm and was instantly greeted by Louie Pibel. I told him the bike I was there to buy, what I wanted to pay, and at 8:30pm I was riding home! Great experience, will definitely return."

08/09/2013 By Andreas C. in Alhambra, CA

"My experience was really good. Last Saturday I went to the store about 10:00 AM and by noon I had a brand new motorcycle NC700X DCT. They were very nice , specially Hamilton and Bobby Rodhes. They got me a really good deal and followed up after my purchase.
Will buy from them again.


08/07/2013 By Matt A. in Los Angeles, CA

"I went there really late last night. David Castillo and Maxx helped me getting a brand new Yamaha R1. Even though we stayed past the closing time, they were very friendly and we also received a way better price than my local dealer."

08/06/2013 By Rick G. in Escondido, CA

"Dealt with Bert's over the internet for the purchase of a 2013 Triumph Rocket III in February. Stock was almost nonexistent anywhere in the state for that model. They shot me an out-the-door price quite a bit lower than the shops that actually had the bike were listing for just the bike. I was guaranteed there would be no extra charges. The price quoted was the price I paid. The bike had 1 mile on it when I picked it up and turned over 101 as I pulled into my garage. Love my Rocket!"

07/25/2013 By Jay D. in Monterey, CA

"Jimmy and Robert helped me over the phone and then really took care of me in getting the right bike in a short time. Very helpful and great selection."

07/19/2013 By Farid S. in Chino, CA

"Great customer service! Valerie did an outstanding job helping me diagnose what possible issues I had with Yamaha 950 V-Star Tourer. I will definitely be going back for future service."

07/16/2013 By Jim A. in San Dimas, CA


Sunday, July 14th, I went over to Bert's Mega Mall (and yes, Mega Mall is an apt description for this place.... it is HUGE!) to look to buy a 2012 Yamaha Wave Runner.

To back tract a bit, I shopped online quite a bit, using boat trader, pwc trader to name a few to make sure I had all the info and pricing info in had before making contact.  With that in hand, I sent out numerous emails to get the best price I could get before actually having to go through the painful process of buying a new vehicle.

After quite a few emails back and forth with Lance Long over at Burt's, I decided to go in, do the final negotiations, and buy a new WaveRunner and possibly a trailer to go with it.   I told Lance up front I hated the game vehicle salesman (and their bosses) use to get you to by a vehicle and if that would be the case with them, I would not stay long.   After many promises from Lance, I took a leap and drove over.

First off, Bert's is HUGE!  What a treat to go into a Man's Toy store that big.  They have motorcycles of all makes and sizes, boat, and tons and tons of Personal Water Craft on their gigantic showroom floor!  

Upon entering I asked for Lance and he was paged to meet me.  He met me with a smile and a pleasant greeting, greeting me buy name.   He took me over to the remaining 2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser they had on the floor.  Give me a little tour of the unit and told me to look it over carefully as it was the last model.   Upon careful inspection, I found a small scratch on the front storage cover.   Lance told me I could make an offer on it based on the scratch or take a look at the 2013 models which just went on sale for only $500 over the price of the 2012 close out.

I could not resist and went over to look at the 2013!

I told I would be interested in the 2013 only if the price was right and I was not interested in the 2012 because of the scratch.   He asked me to give him a few minutes and he soon came back with a competitive (not great) price.   I counted back at an out the door price that was actually under the price he quoted me online for the 2012.  He took the offer back to his boss, who came back with a price about $300 more than what I had offered.  After just one more trip back to his boss, Lance got me my original offer!   Needless to say I was quite happy!   We also agreed on a very good price on a trailer, so I signed the deal.

I was then handed off to Cesar Cornejo, the paperwork guy who does DMV and tries to sell you the extended warrantee.   Cesar was also very nice.  Once I told him I was not interested in the extended warrantee, there was zero pressure and he got my paperwork done quickly and painlessly.

All in all, a great buying process!!

I want to thank both Lance and Cesar for being men of their word, making my purchase both quick and painless, and for making sure I was happy from the beginning to delivery of my new PWC!

Also, for buying, I got a FREE Burt's T-shirt and 10% off my 1st purchase of accessories.... which I used on a new life vest and the accessories for the new ski!

Buying at Burt's was a pleasure.... I highly recommend both Lance and Cesar as well as Burt's!"

07/09/2013 By Frank A. in Glendora, CA

"Just purchased a motorcycle from them. Larry Garcia was thorough and did excellent follow up, would recommend asking for him. They were courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Don't know what more you can ask of them."

07/05/2013 By Bob W. in Stanton, CA

"I have a 2011 Can-AM Sypder RT-S SM5.  I bought it used and not from Bert's.  It was time for it required 600 mile service.  After getting crazy price quotes for this from other Sypder dealer's, I Emailed Bert's.  Got Email back right away with a great price quote!  I called and made an appointment.  When I arrived, Niles Grant walked out and knew my name and helped me right away.  The guys are great!  Kept me informed as to what was going on the entire time.  Even gave me some self service tips!  Trust I will be going back to Bert's for all my service needs.  One happy customer here!

06/23/2013 By Michael W. in Seattle, WA

"I recently purchased a Husqvarna TR650 from Bert's.  It was a very easy and pleasant purchasing experience.  I came in there knowing exactly what I wanted and what I wanted to pay.  

Gerardo was my sales guy and he found the exact model I wanted in the back area.  Then we sat down with Kevin the sales manager.  We haggled a little bit and agreed upon a price that I thought was very fair for both me and the store.

After agreeing upon a price, I was then sent to Bruno (I think that's his name) to sign all of the legal paperwork.  I paid for the bike and in return received the ownership documents.  

I picked up the bike the next day and another young fellow (sorry, I forgot his name) went over the bike with me.   I even met the tech who assembled the bike.  

Today, I took the bike out for a 60 mile ride.  Ran great!

The bottom line is that I found the folks at Bert's to be courteous, respectful, and helpful.  I also ended up with a really cool bike for a very reasonable price.  

Thanks, guys!

P.S., this store is HUGE!  It was all I could do to not get distracted by all the cool bikes there!"

06/18/2013 By Matt M. in Mira Loma

"Recently I purchased a 2013 Triumph Thruxton. Overall I would say it was a positive experience! Robert and Jimmy Varis were both professional knowledgeable and engaging. I did my research.  I came in knowing what bike,what I wanted to spend and what % rate for financing I could get elsewhere. They matched the deal and got the sale."

05/31/2013 By Francesca W. in La Cresenta

"Never bought any big ticket items at Bert's, just parts and gear. Their selection is fantastic, the showroom is paradise full of shiny things, and prices aren't as bad as everyone is complaining about. Bought an icon jacket for $80 less than it was marked on amazon. Watch for sales, bring your card from MSF and ask for a discount.

The gear/parts salespeople I've dealt with have been awesome, especially Danny. Go to him for anything you need and he'll help you out. Always really helpful and patient while I'm being indecisive over gear--and super fun to talk to which doesn't hurt either!

Can't really comment on the attitude of the people on the sales floor--but seriously guys, a dealership is gonna act like a dealership no matter where you go, so do your research beforehand and know what the prices should look like. Bunch of whiners out here." Read her review right on Yelp

05/20/2013 By Steven S. in Los Angeles

"Well worth the drive!!!

Not only does Berts Mega Mall have the widest selection of Bikes to shop from, I found my sales experience to be one of the best I have received to this day. Make sure you talk to Larry in Ducati, as I am sure he will provide you with the same attentiveness, fairness, and smooth transaction as the one I received with my recent purchase of the new Ducati Monster 696.

As a resident of the Beverly Hills area, I had plenty of options to chose from when deciding to purchase this bike. After shopping around several stores, I found myself leaving each with a bad feeling and disappointment from the pricing and service I was receiving. I decided to drive over 30 miles to Berts Mega Mall and had the pleasure of sitting down with Larry to discuss my interest in the Ducati 696.

As I went through my list of questions and began discussing pricing, Larry displayed a great amount of patience and attentiveness which truly showed how important my business was to him. This was the experience I was looking for, and this is why I will forever purchase my bikes at Berts Mega Mall.

If I could make one suggestion before you make a purchase somewhere else. It is to take a ride over to Berts, as you might end up leaving as happy as I did. Great service, great pricing, and a pleasant transaction from Larry in Ducati.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you guys on the road." Read his review right on Yelp

05/09/2013 By Barbara L. in Pasadena

"my husband has bought all our quads from Bert's and they are Bar None.. very good dealership, we were able to compare to other brands and Thank you to the friendly staff.." Read her review right on Yelp

05/06/2013 By Genevieve W. in Corona

"After my son approached me about wanting to buy a Street Bike...well??? it was time to start doing my research. I was dragged around from place to place and NO luck finding his dream Bike

I came across Bert's Mega Mall- and spoke to Kennedy...I instantly had a "good feeling" after speaking with him ... we drove down that Saturday where Kennedy made sure to take care of all our needs...he was attentive & focused at making sure he directed my son to his dream Street Bike...

Yupe!!! as soon as he sat on Yamaha YFZ R-6 , I knew we would be moving forward with his purchase...

Thank You again- Kennedy, Ceasar & Chris" Read her review right on Yelp

04/22/2013 By Loren A. in Pasadena

"I recently bought a Ducati Streetfighter from Larry Garcia.  He took great care of me, cut to the chase and made me a fair deal on the bike.  I would recommend anyone looking for an incredible selection of bikes, watercraft and atv's to give Bert's a visit.
Also, Cesar in the finance dept was extremely professional and not pushy like others I have dealt with.  Check these guys out and be sure to ask for Larry." Read her review right on Yelp

04/20/2013 By Mark B. in Hinkley

"Omg the service at this place is amazing and a special thanks to Zarli and Rudy they have treated me with some care and pay attention to your specific wants. They have good prices and great deals and are knowledgeable to a pretty reasonable extent. Not saying they are supper geniuses but they got their stuff down pretty good. over all I think it was great. And if they ever ask you if you want something to drink ask them for a smoothie and they will buy you one. There is a reason i rated them as a 5.0 so if you want to know then go see for yourself!!! =)" Read his review right on Yelp

04/11/2013 By Libby Z. in Turlock CA

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. My boyfriend and I drove all the way down from northern CA to make his purchase, worth the trip. Our motorcycle sales rep, accessories sales rep, and store owner went above and beyond to assure a pleasant experience. We got all we needed. This will definitely be the 1st stop when we shop for my bike in a few months. *neither of us are 1st time owners* we know the deal."  Read her review right on Yelp

04/11/2013 By Eyon K. in Burbank

"Wow.  This place is HUGE!  Great deals and fantastic customer service!  

I recently took the MSF, passed the motorcycle test at the DMV, and went shopping for my very first motorcycle.  In other words, total n00b.  I decided to try Bert's first because they have just about every manufacturer and bike available - in stock and on the floor.  

Salesguy Mark Girvin warmly greeted us after a few minutes of gawking at the overwhelming selection, asked me a few questions about what I was looking for in a motorcycle, and said, "I have the perfect bike for you."  I had never heard of that bike, had my mind set on a different bike, and really wanted to see what else they had before making any decisions.  Seven hours later after trying just about every bike in the store, darned if he wasn't 100% correct in selecting the perfect bike for me.  And thank goodness I did not get that other bike I was originally interested in (too uncomfortable for me).  Mark was fantastic - super patient, extremely knowledgeable, checked in with us throughout the afternoon without intruding, and answered numerous additional questions each time.  Mark provided information and answers that only decades of personal riding experience on innumerable bikes can provide.  Mark definitely went far beyond and out of his way to help me be comfortable with choosing the right bike for me.  Zero pressure.  I wasn't planning on buying a bike that day, but Mark and his sales manager, Kevin, worked an amazing deal - just too good to pass up.  

Then it was off to finance with numbers wizard (and comedian) Gary Mullen to finish the paperwork.  Normally I despise the entire financing process and just want to rip my hair out, but Gary made it a great (and funny) experience.  He explained everything in a straightforward and understandable manner.  Gary also helped me find the best insurance for me (I called several other places on my own but nobody could beat the plan and price offered by the place recommended by Gary).  When we finished and started to leave, we realized that we were the last ones in the store.  In fact the store had closed a half hour earlier and we didn't even know it - no one mentioned a thing about closing time, they were just focused on making sure we were properly taken of first.  

I also had no gear, so we went back the next day.  I spent several hours with the ever patient Lauren to find the goldilocks helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots, Kevlar jeans, cleaning supplies, Pit Bull rear SS, frame sliders, tank protector, disc lock, battery tender, face shields, etc. etc. etc.  Lauren was so helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.  Lauren ordered a few specialty items for me, and they arrived exactly when she said they would.  When I went to pick up my order, Lauren had everything packaged and ready to go.  

It was too dark and far to ride the bike home, so Scott delivered the bike for me on my next day off work.  Scott was very thorough in giving me the overview of the operations and maintenance of the bike, and provided several really helpful suggestions and tips to keep in mind during my first few rides and for general maintenance.  

I've since ridden 600 miles in 6 days all throughout the area, including several times on Mulholland and Angeles Crest. The bike Mark selected and the gear Lauren choose were absolutely perfect.  

My sweetheart and I had a wonderful experience, and she will be getting her first bike from Mark at Bert's in a couple of months as well, then financing with Gary and selecting her gear with Lauren.

Thank you to Mark, Kevin, Gary, Lauren, Scott, and everyone at Bert's!" 

03/30/2013 By Gerson M. in Moreno Valley

"I bought a street bike several weeks ago. The bike is awesome and the perfect pick. I always get compliments. I went to Bert's Mega Mall because they have so many choices. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. Nathan the sales rep. helped me and was very patient and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend going and asking for him. I was there for a couple of hours trying to get loan but it felt much faster since the process was smooth and I was conversing the whole time. Gary the finance guy had everything set up for me when I visited his station. He advised me on certain topics I was curious about and had me on my way. It couldn't have gone any better. Go to Bert's and ask for Nathan the sale rep. and Gary for your finance." Read his review right on Yelp

03/24/2013 By Rafael P. in Santa Ana

"Bert's was great! I Bought my first motorcycle here. Nathan helped me get myself a brand new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 at a great rate and he was laid back the whole time. He gave me the information that I needed. And IF he didn't know something he made sure to get it.

I recommend this place and  particularly Nathan who was a great help for a new or first bike. Thanks Nathan.

BUT to make things easier for you and your experience make sure you do some research and have a great Idea of what you like or want before you buy something."  Read his review right on Yelp

03/14/2013 By John K. in Riverside

"We recently purchased a KTM 500.  This was the easiest and quickest purchase we have made.  Our salesman, Eric Bisbee, was extremely helpful.  And the girl in Finance, I'm sorry...I forgot her name, was awesome.

Thanks a bunch guys!!!" Read his review right on Yelp

02/26/2013 By Marco J. in San Miguel

"What can I say about Berts that so many satisfied customers already know...I have been fortunate to own many bikes and that means do biz with many dealerships and none took care of me like Berts..I worked with Larry Garcia for over 6months not even knowing if Honda was gnna push out their special edition 2013  Repsol 1000RR..Larry not only stayed in contact with me on a bi-weekly/monthly basis but stayed connected with his Honda rep to ensure that when the Honda rep found out the latest news, so would I..once I finally went down to meet Larry and get my bike, I realized that Larry and Berts do what they do not for the sale but for the love and passion they have to strive to be the best and provide great service and awesome prices..the whole Berts family is amazing...from Daniel Longoria in parts to the great professionalizm Cesar the finance manager provided..even though I live 4 hours from Berts, all my friends and I will be doing biz there in the future.." Read his review right on Yelp

02/24/2013 By Orion A. in Toronto

"Place was good. Huge selection. Didn't end up buying a bike but bought some gear for the one I have. Parts was fine. Lady greeted us as we walked in and directed me to wear I needed to go. Helmet counter helped me get a missing screw for my helmet. I only noticed it while i was there so that was lucky. Anyway, I liked the place." Read his review right on Yelp

02/21/2013 By Cheryl D. in West Los Angeles

"We met Dustin Blurton at the LA Boat show.  He was great!  Very knowledgeable about all the different jet skis  we were looking at. He made sure we understood what we wanted nd helped make us a great deal!   When we went to the store to finish the paperwork, it was easy and the finance person was very thorough.  Dustin even gave us more information on the lakes we go too!!  Thanks for all your help Dustin and continued follow up!  We are excited new owners!!" Read her review right on Yelp

02/21/2013 By Michelle S. in La Mirada

"I had a great experience here.  Joe Rodriguez was a great salesman to work with.  Helped us out a lot.  Our finance lady was great too.  Thank you for my purchase." Read her review right on Yelp

02/20/2013 By Lou W. in Lakewood

"Reviews of Berts seem to be pretty polarized. Please put me in the 'excellent' category. After several years of small accessory and consumable purchases, I bought a 2013 Triumph Street Triple R from them last weekend. To be fair, I made it pretty easy on them - I'd done my homework in advance,  I knew exactly what I wanted, had credit, and wasn't expecting to haggle over a hot and hard-to-find new model.

But that said, I have been extremely impressed so far. Salesman Eric Bisbee was very knowledgable and not only walked me through the process, but kept me frequently updated as the process unfolded. Finance manager Cesar Cornejo - brought into the process at the end when I was ultra-antsy to get on my new toy -- was both speedy and thorough, and made only minimal attempts to upsell me on things I don't want.

The delivery guy (Dave?) did an excellent job going over the bike. He also gets huge  marks for consistency, a previous S3R purchaser filmed him doing the delivery spiel and put it on YouTube -- it's almost word-for-word what he said to me.

I am going in for the break-in service and to buy some parts and accessories shortly, and will have more to say then. But from at least a purchase/delivery standpoint, I give them high marks. There are three other dealers about equidistant from me, and I would definitely go back to Berts as at least my first stop before even considering them.

Went back a week later for the first service - the process was seamless and the bike was ready exactly when they said it would be. While waiting I spent quite a bit of time in parts and everybody seemed helpful without being pushy. I did encounter a couple of issues: Parts sold me the wrong size swingarm spools (no biggie because I had to go back anyway in a car to pick up a paddock stand, but it would have been a huge biggie if it required a special trip back). Service neglected to reset the clock after disconnecting my battery - a tiny detail, but one of those things that BMW never misses. More annoyingly, they did not re-connect the hold-downs trap for the battery, I had to do it myself. Again, not a biggie because I had to remove the battery anyway to get the passenger pegs off, but another little thing that really should have been attended to. Overall, my five points still stands." Read his review right on Yelp

02/20/2013 By Larry W. in Chino

"I thought the days of a personal relationship with a Motorcycle Dealership were over I was wrong. I purchased my KTM  offroad bike last year i had a serious problem it was outside the warranty window I asked for their help they contacted KTM Customer Service problem solved. I actually did Yelp when i got the news from Berts That KTM would take care of the problem. Thanks to Shawn, Woody And Art." Read his review right on Yelp

02/11/2013 By Victoria A. in Huntington Beach

"The folks at Bert's were quite helpful.  very friendly.    we met our sales guy, John Espinoza at the LA Boat Show.  everything went pretty smoothly.  we went there to buy a new SeaDoo and the transaction was easy.  We went to the shop (Bert's) the following day to pick up.  The process was finished up with Gary Mullen who also took good care of us.  I would certainly recommend Bert's to anyone!  Thank you guys! Victoria deGoede"  Read her review right on Yelp

02/10/2013 By Charlie A. in Long Beach

"I'd recently been shopping for a 2013 Kawasaki Versys 650.  Among the several dealers that I contacted regarding this bike, I phoned Bert's Mega Mall.  I received extremely knowledgeable and friendly service over the phone from Amber Thomas in Bert's motorcycle sales department.  Moreover, Amber and her manager Maxx worked with me to craft me a deal on this bike that couldn't be beat, and I made a purchase deposit that day.

When I arrived at Bert's to pick up the bike a couple of days later, Amber met me and my wife at the front desk, showed us my motorcycle (ready to go, and sparkling), and then introduced me to Gary Mullen in Bert's finance department.  Gary brought a lot of humor, warmth, and enthusiasm to what otherwise could have been a dull slog filling in a bunch of forms.  Moreover, Gary provided me with helpful insights about the various warrantee options available for my bike, and gave me a great deal on the option that was best for my needs.

Finally, with my paperwork completed, I was given a detailed check-out on the specifics of operating my new bike by Bert's delivery department personnel, so I was ready to ride it home.

From start to finish, this was a very enjoyable and relaxed purchase for a a large ticket item like the 2013 Verysys 650.  And the personal followup by both Amber and Gary once I'd ridden the bike home was a nice touch!

Keep up the great work guys!" Read his review right on Yelp

01/15/2013 By Corona D. in Corona

"This is the place to go for powersports! They gave me the best deal on a RZR XP 900. I would recomend these guys to anybody. The sales staff is friendly and easy going and are easy to deal with. Make sure you see Art Wood or Tony Birtle for a great deal. Also , Cesar Cornejo in finance is a super nice guy and will take care of you. I give Bert's Mega Mall a 5 star rating!!" Read his review right on Yelp

01/15/2013 By Crisalia B. in Oxnard

"Great staff, great service. My boyfriend and I purchased a 2007 yfz 450. They make you feel right at home. If you plan on purchasing with Berts make sure you talk to Robert Varis or Gary Mullen. Great people. They have a variety of quads utv motorcycles anything you can think of to choose from, and yes boats too. So next time you visit Berts Mega Mall you know who to talk to. Thanks again Robert and Gary." Read her review right on Yelp

12/26/2012 By Craig M. in Brea

"Ok, so this is our second time buying something from Bert's. Earlier this year we purchased a boat that cost us about 39k. Then we went in for Xmas to buy a 2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat side by side that was listed for 16,900 with 2,600 off. We decided this was a great buy and Bert's was great the first time with us. After about 15 mins they came up with a total of around 21k with tax title and license. ???????? Yes, there was also a freight charge of around 4k (our only complaint we had with Bert's) which we tried to get them to waive since we already spent around 40k this year on all the boat stuff.  Since this was the last Wildcat left and there were others asking about this toy we decided to go ahead with this deal. Bert's tried to make up some of our disappointment with 15% off of whatever we bought in their store for the Wildcat and delivered our toy for us at no charge...this was ok with us.
Sales Dep: 4 stars only because we thought they should have waived the freight charge or at least knocked it down some.
Accessories Dep: 5 stars. Very helpful and friendly.  We only had an issue with one of the boxes missing hardware (not their fault) and Bert's did not hesitate to have new parts ordered and delivered to us at no charge.
Everyone involved was very helpful and aided in making this purchase a great experience: 4 stars.
Thank you,
Scott Watts and Dolly Lopez"  Read there review right on Yelp

12/19/2012 By Debbie B. in Huntington Beach

"Huge kudos to Bert's.  Cindy in parts in accessories was a huge help.  She saved me a trip, helped me choose, took time with me.....can't say enough.  She should get employee of the month.  And we love Berts!" Read her review right on Yelp

12/11/2012 By Mike V. in Anaheim

"big...biggest !!!
o.m.g.    they have it all  and more !!

i  have been buying  parts and used skis, quads, and bikes from them since the 80's...

luck of the draw with the employees....just like all the big businesses in the world !!!

demo , shop and then come back and make them beat the price...they want the money and if your reasonable offer fits the price they are in it plus a tiny profit....bada are the owner !!!

be nice to the big dogs...they generate taxes, jobs and millions in local spending at starbucks and mc donalds.....

economy of scale at its finest !!" Read his review right on Yelp

12/09/2012 By Charles S. in Hesperia

"Baught a new Triumph, did the deal over the phone while sitting at another dealer in the middle of negothiations, Berts offerd a way better deal and stuck to it as agreed over the phone. Left the dealer I was at ,came to Berts did the deal inside of an hour.
I have my new bike love it, am now a Berts customer.
Never felt better after buying a new vehicle than buying at Berts." Read his review right on Yelp

12/07/2012 By Giovanni M. in La Puente

Updated Review: "Took my bike in for repairs because it wouldn't start. my experience was overall great, Jordan from Service was very friendly and helpful, took a while to get my bike back but it makes sense seeing how many bikes,atv,seadoos, etc. that they have in the shop. Thanks Berts you have 5 stars in my book." Read his review right on Yelp

12/04/2012 By Craig M. in Brea

"These guys came through, it is a very competitive market out there and they understand it. I just recently purchased a 2013 Polaris rzr 900 4 from them. They gave me a no hassle deal that matched many online vendors. I will return to them based on the fact it is a large company with great support with the good guy price. Thank You Bryce Page and Holly McMillan for the great service."  Read his review right on Yelp

12/01/2012 By Harry S. in Los Angeles

"I bought a 2012 VStar 950 there and the experience was near perfect.

The selection at this place is fantastic. Huge parking lot, snack bar, very clean place.
The amount of money this business spends on making you comfortable is considerable. I don't think anybody can argue this.

I went there three times before making my decision and I never got any more than "light" sales pressure from anybody there.
They just let you browse around if you tell them that you are still looking they leave you alone, very very cool. (you do need to tell them however)

You have to do your research and get everything in place, including the price you want to pay, your own finance arrangements etc. Most all of the bad reviews you read are from people that just cannot be bothered to spend many days and hours researching a big purchase such as this. Enough said.

Jordan in sales is amazing, I bought bikes from him before at another place and as long as he sells motorcycles, he will always get a shot of making a deal.
As smart as this guy is he will probably end up in management one day and I will have to deal with someone else, but until then.....

The paperwork (finance) experience is pretty much the same everywhere, they do offer many ups and extras, none of which you are required to sign up for (third party warrany, security packages, etc.). Again if you have done your research and diligently say no thanks, the price is the price and you will walk out of there with a smile and great deal.

They can certainly improve in some respects (mainly technical and paperwork) but compared to any of the half dozen other dealers I visited, they just stand out with 5 stars. "  Read his review right on Yelp

11/28/2012 By Mike C. in Rosemead

"Other than that everything is MSRP , i cant really complain. great helpful staff.
I got my bike jacket here a few weeks ago when they had the 15% off the entire store sale. So my $600 bike jacket was just slightly under the $560 mark after tax which was actually very good. because i did price check online and everywhere also.
me and my brother probably spent more than a thousand that day. This place is very clean , i heard everyone say this place is overpriced, i guess you just have to shop for what you want because most places sell their products at MSRP also."  Read his review right on Yelp

11/4/2012 By VJ S. in La Puente

"My Experience with Berts went from terrible the first time I went there and met with some sales manager who's name I dint recall (he was bald) didn't care to listen to my financial situation and tried to pressure me.  Now my sales guy (LUCAS) was very help full and after I left upset he contacted me to go back in to meet with him and his sales manager (Ma xx).  Max was very help full and listened to me and worked out the best deal possible for me.  I wanted a green ninja and ended up with a brand new red which i love.  Ma xx and Lucas worked with me for almost an hour and we got the deal locked in with the proper down payment.  I was refer ed to Bruno the finance manager who was also very help full, he got the everything ready and explained everything to me without any shortcuts.  They even held my Ninja for almost 2 weeks to make sure i got the proper insurance for it.  The 3 reps i worked with at Berts will be the only ones I will continue to work with.  After picking up my bike the next day Lucas even contacted me to check in to see how I was enjoying the bike. For him to follow up shows that he truly values his customers."  Read his review right on Yelp

10/24/2012 By Andy M. in Lancaster

"Read !!
Let me tell you tht I was scared to come into this place with so many negative reviews but glad I came in I am 20 and I got a yamaha r6!!
Overall experience was great ! I was denied for a bike  else where
, yes thre was a time where I was waiting for like 30 mins waiting on my insurance but other then that I drove away with my 1st bike ever ! They work with my down payment :)
Get job ! Amber ! Max ! Cesar !! "  Read his review right on Yelp

10/19/2012 By Alex B. in Hacienda Heights

"I purchased a 2013 Yamaha  XT250 on Oct. 18th 2012 and this being my second bike bought from Bert's the experience got better than the first time (which was great!)

Jordan the salesman was friendly and helpful in getting the info and price for the bike.  The finance paperwork (which can be boring and a looong process) was made extremely pleasant by Holly Mc Millan and I enjoyed talking with her about many subjects as well as bikes.
I recommend Bert's Mega Mall to anyone looking for any bike and say hi to Jordan and Holly when you're there...  :) "  Read his review right on Yelp

10/17/2012 By Vic F. in Norco

"I wrote a (1 star) review sunday and I was very critical of Berts for selling me a bike that the VIN and serial numbers on the bike did'nt match.  I received a phone call monday morning from Max a sales manager that I had not dealt with before apologizing for what happened and promised to make it right.  Apparently they read my review and wanted to fix it.  Tuesday afternoon rolled out of Berts, a place I thought I would never set foot in again,  with a great deal on a 2013 CRF450R.  I want to thank Max and Hamilton and every one else at Berts who helped out with this deal.  I cant give you 5 stars because of what happened the first time but you guys made up for the mistake and I would recommend Berts to any of my friends.."  Read his review right on Yelp

10/15/2012 By Jeff N. in Glendora

"Stopped in Friday afternoon to look at Polaris RXR XP 4 900s. Been in the market for awhile, but with the season coming, it was time to get serious. The entire experience was great and time efficient. Kennedy was able to help with all of our unanswered questions. Gary handled the F&I process in a great way and John (believe it his name was John) did a great delivery...not sure about the name because who really wants to listen to someone tell you how it works, right? "Help me get this loaded so I can get ready to take it out" is all I was thinking!
I'd be remised if I didn't also mention what a great parts department they have. Jason the Parts Manager stocks a GREAT selection and had Ryan assist us in accessorizing our new toy!
Also have one of the nicest dealerships car, power sports, etc...I don't care. It's a GREAT facility and has a great feel. I have dealt with MANY luxury dealerships over the years and Bert's is right up there with them."  Read his review right on Yelp

10/14/2012 By Michelle B. in Riverside

"Great experience! After searching for our 2012 RZR EPS, Bert's by far had the BEST PRICE AND SELECTION , combined with great customer service. We will definitely b back and refer our friends. A big thank you to Art, Kennedy and Gary for all your help,  expertise, and great help"  Read her review right on Yelp

10/14/2012 By Shaun W. in Manhattan Beach

"After doing my research on which place was the best to find an Artic Cat Wildcat, I chose Bert's because I've always had positive experiences shopping here. The owner Ron and his daughter Britney went above and beyond to help me get the best deal on it. They worked with me to get the best price so I could leave with it that day!  They gave me superb deals on all the after market merchandise/products. They even delivered  it to my house which is 40 miles away, and didn't charge a delivery fee. Talk about great business, I was beyond happy working with them. The sales person Jordan was straight forward when talking about the Wildcat. He told me any negative feedback they had on the product, which was very slim to none. He never tried to pressure me into buying something. Then Gary Mullen the finance man, worked with lenders to give be an unbelievable rate and they even took the $100 finance charge off the sticker price so the payment would stay the same. I am now the proud owner of this beautiful Artic Cat Wildcat and am stoked to take it out riding tomorrow. I would highly recommend Bert's to everyone. They did an exceptional job and I'm very happy with them overall."  Read his review right on Yelp

9/21/2012 By Linda S. in Brea

"Looking for a quote on a scooter I filled out the "get quote" form on their website. A few minutes after the auto-responder I got an email from a real person followed up with a phone call. Very helpful and very fast. Asked what price I was looking for, and said he'd call back. He did with an excellent price. Have not bought a scooter yet but their follow up and response time is impressive. They certainly have the art of customer service down right!!"  Read her review right on Yelp

9/10/2012 By Russel W. in Sierra Madre

"Just bought a Triumph 800XC for cash from Bert's. The sales person (Dave Borgeson) was great and the transaction went smoothly. Bert's negotiated in good faith and they accepted, what I thought, was a fair offer. (Do your homework!) Having purchased a motorcycle at Berts's earlier this year, I know their service department to be first rate and cannot wait to get the break-in service done on the XC."  Read his review right on Yelp

9/07/2012 By Jonathan O. in Glendale

"I was referred to Bert's by my motorcycle guy who does regular maintenance and repairs. This was the best referral I got in 2012. Story follows...

My search, decision and purchase of a bike transpired over one 24 hour period. I've had a Kawasaki Ninja 250 for a year and I had been window shopping and dreaming of a big-boy bike for about 6 months (it took me about 6 months to get very comfortable on my Ninja). It took another 6 months to finally realize I could handle something much more substantial. I had looked high and low (price and quality and seat height and styling - from superbikes to cruisers). I never really found that perfect bike that screamed, "I'm yours!".

A few months ago I had resigned myself to the fact I would never buy a new bike for more than $7000. So I had stopped considering any brand without a bike in that range. That was until for some odd reason one night I decided to look at Ducatis online for a few hours. And I found their Monster line had just the bike I was looking for - starting at $9300 (msrp). And I fell in love.

The next morning I found a Ducati dealer near me (not Bert's) and called them to see if I could come for a test drive - and they said yes! This was impressive (most dealers won't let you test drive), so a few hours later I called back and asked more about the Monster bikes (I hadn't seen one in person). And just from my description of my riding history and my size (how tall I am, not anything dirty), the sales guy was able to recommend the 2nd size up in the Monster series - the Monster 796 ABS. And the price tag was $10,300 (msrp). I stewed on that for a while and then called back and asked what the out-the-door price was. Answer: about $12,500. The guys were great at the dealer, but the price was just too high.

So after several hours, phone calls, circulating photos of the Monster 796 at work to impress and inspire my coworkers, psyching myself up, and fantasizing (about bikes, nothing dirty), I called my motorcycle guy who referred me to Bert's for a good deal on a Ducati.

I thought to myself, "Wow, $12,500 is far from my $7,000 limit, but what if I could ask for a crazy price that would be worth splurging on? If anyone goes for it, I'll take it, but no one will go for it." And then I called Bert's.

I spoke with Eric and he was a ready-to-please sales guy with great attitude right off the bat. I asked if they had a black 2012 Ducati Monster 796 and he asked me what kind of deal I was looking for if he could find one. I said $11,000 out the door. He said it was a pretty crazy price but he'd talk to his manager and call me back. I thought to myself, "Yeah, right," because I knew it was a ridiculous offer.

About 30 minutes later, he calls me back and says, they have one more, it was literally just assembled (they come in a box from Italy with the wheels and a few other parts off), it's Friday, it's the end of the month, they've had a slow month and they want to meet their quota, so if I could come in tonight and buy it, it's mine for $11,000. But the offer is only good for tonight. Normally, if I didn't know the value of the bike I would have thought this was a scam or a bait and switch, but I knew $11k was a fantastic price. And he sent me photos to prove it was the bike I was looking for.

So there I was, 3 hours later, at Bert's buying my new bike. They treated me great, gave me a deal on the extended 5-year warranty and I was just so amazed to see on the contract a final sale of $11,000 exactly for the bike. Not one penny more.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic. And they had some great tech guys go over the bike thoroughly with me before I headed off into the sunset (literally since I was driving home west around 7:30pm on a warm dry August night).

I had never ridden or seen a Monster 796 in person prior to that day. It was the best impulse purchase I've ever made. And Bert's made it an experience I'll never forget. So for that, I give Bert's 5 stars and I recommend you give them a try."  Read his review right on Yelp

9/03/2012 By Scott H. in Los Alamitos

"Larry G. is a good guy, ask for him by name.  In turn, you will not have to deal with sales staff while browsing inventory.  Purchased 3 bikes from Larry and he gets 5 Stars.  Bert's get a 4 for their inventory and you can negotiate solid pricing.

No experience with service as I only use smaller race shops for service."  Read his review right on Yelp!

9/02/2012 By James T. in San Gabriel

"It was my first time going to Bert's.  I had just bought a bike and needed to get some gear.  Tim was the salesguy that helped me.  I got out of there with a helmet that I was satisfied with and a great leather jacket and gloves.  Tim was very knowledgable on what all the differen brands had to offer. He wasn't pushy and didn't try to sell me all the expensive stuff. Since then, I've been back quite a few times to pick up other items and Tim was always there to help. Ask for Tim and you go there. He is very knowledgable and patient and takes his time explaining everything to you."  Read his review right on Yelp

7/26/2012 By Martin M. in Chino

"I went in looking for a new bike. I found one and spoke with the sales reps on working out a deal. They were super friendly and not only price matched the competitors but beat it. I couldn't be happier. Spoke honestly and was very helpful with everything we wanted. It was an A+ shopping experience there for me and I will be sure to go back. Thanks again Bert's Mega for everything."  Read his review right on Yelp!

7/1/2012 By Denayda O. in Long Beach

"I drove out to Bert's Mega Mall to just check out what their merchandise, little did I know everything there was very comforting. The prices and products were all at my likes and also Cesar Cornejo made the purchase easier and faster. He was very patient and cooperative, I really do recommend this place to everyone"  Read her review right on Yelp!

6/17/2012 By Jeffrey M. in Ontario

"Just bought a brand new motorcycle at Berts and I got a great deal. Sales Rep Dino really took care of me. I really appreciate all the help! Look Dino up if you want a great deal on a new bike."  Read his review right on Yelp!

6/04/2012 By Al S. in Fullerton

"Bought my zx10r 9500 otd. Deal with max his a nice guy to negotiate."  Read his review right on Yelp!

6/02/2012 By Allison K. in Pasadena

"Super-helpful service and repair people! Took my bike in for an early maintenance b/c of a clicking noise in the engine, probably due to the valves. When I got my bike back, the clicking was still there, so I requested that someone listen to it again. (Valves are tricky to adjust; I hear it's a bit of an art.) The manager was super nice about my questions, the lead tech himself readjusted the valves, and my bike purred like new down the 210 on my way home. Would recommend!"  Read her review right on Yelp!  

5/25/2012 By Alfred G. in Covina

"Just bought a gsxr600 couldn't have got better service from Gary Mullen Eric B and Curtis B thanks Bert's mega mall will e back soon!!"  Read his review right on Yelp!  

5/1/2012 By Lester P. in South El Monte

"I saw alot of negative reviews on yelp. But I have to say I had a good experience purchasing 2012 Yamaha R1. I was shopping around other dealers and no one came close to earning my business. I inquired about the bike on the internet and Tony Birtle contacted me. We arranged asm appointment. Upon arriving, he was friendly and courteous. I was in and out in 3 hours. Cesar Cornrjo was the guy that helped me in the finance department. He was knowledgeable and very efficient with the paperwork.
All in all, these guys did a great job earning my business."  Read his review right on Yelp!  

4/30/2012 By Laura W. in Glendora

"It was a great experience beyond our expectations and if you are ready to buy go ask for Kurtis.  

I help my husband shop for a victory 8 ball, i called couple of dealerships and Kurtis at berts was the most helpful. I was very skeptical at fist calling them being a woman whose know nothing about the bike other than the model # that my husband wanted. He answered all my question after just several conversations we got a great deal and we pick up the bike the next day.

we discussed other dealership offers and he was able to come up with best offer, and as other dealership still trying to work with us we told them we got our bike at berts and mention the price and they told us they could not have done that, which made us feels very good.

Very satisfied customer
importantly made my husband extremely happy
without the hassles of spending many hours at the dealership
quick and easy and will do it again
THANK YOU KURTIS!!!" Read her review right on Yelp!

4/26/2012 By Luis S. in Long Beach

"Walked in there to sell my bike. I called ahead to get a quote, showed up and got what I was asking. I have bought a few bike from them and they are always willing to go above and beyond to help me. I would recomed them as they have a huge selection and very helpful."  Read his review right on Yelp!

4/23/2012 By Britm l. in Los Angeles

"I'm surprised at some of the negative reviews on here... my experience with Bert's was great! I purchased my first bike here (Hyosung GT250R) last week and the staff was incredibly helpful and patient. They worked with my budget and my sales guy (Jayson) found the best financing options for me. And it wasn't like they sold me the bike and said peace out, they prepped me from start to finish and made sure I was ready to ride back safely (before that day, the fastest I'd ever ridden was 30mph, and I needed to go an hr on the highway to get back home!) One of their employees even fashioned a rope device to lock my bag in place to the back seat :P Maybe I'm just new at this kind of stuff?...but I never felt pressured to buy anything, I mean these guys are just doing their jobs, which honestly I felt was finding the best products that fit the customer's needs and budget. But really. Like I never once felt pressured to buy anything beyond my price range. And I got a call from Jayson a few days later making sure that I got home safely! So, my experience with them was great. And I'm in absolutely in love with my new toy, already planning on coming back here in a few years when I'm ready for an upgrade :)" Read his review right on Yelp!

4/22/2012 By Don H. in Hacienda Heights

"I wasn't happy with Honda when my $24,000 Goldwing's transmission started having problems 3 months after the warranty expired.  I only drove it 13,400 miles in the 3 years. It was virtually still new.  It was skipping frequently in 5th gear.  I called the customer service people at Honda who said the warranty expired & regardless of mileage I was on my own. I'm very disappointed Honda wouldn't even talk.   I've been riding for over 40 years & never had transmission problems with my motorcycles or cars.  At least the people at Berts worked with me to help lessen my problem."  Read his review right on Yelp!

4/10/2012 By Giovanni M. in La Puente

"If your looking for a great salesman, go to Jamison Vallette, I strongly recommend him, he definitely will go that extra mile for you, I couldn't be anymore satisfied with my bike and the overall experience. They will help you find what your looking for and know what there talking about when it comes to bikes and try to fit you to a bike that's for you. Also Max, great guy to go to, When he says he will beat the competitors price, he means it." Read his review right on Yelp!

3/22/2012 By Russell W. in Sierra Madre

"I recently purchased a new Victory at Bert's and received excellent sales and service accomodation. The Victory is an outstanding bike - I recommend buying one or two -but Polaris has experienced a slight problem with XM radio. Niles Grant (service writer) and Sean (service manager) were nothing short of fantastic. One could not ask for nicer guys. I was kept informed everyday as to the status of repairs and parts were apparently air mailed in to decrease service time. Lee Ann, the service receptionist, was as courteous as she was astute to customer needs. Remarkable compared to most dealers." Read his review right on Yelp!

3/22/2012 By Kelly O. in Newport Beach

"Bert's is great, I highly recommend buying from them. Ben Kennedy always gets us what we want, walks us through the whole process, and then always takes care of any questions we have after our purchase. The guys in finance are great too. Gary Mullen has handled a few deals for us and he always makes sure that we have everything we need, answers all of our questions, and makes sure we understand everything completely." Read her review right on Yelp!

3/14/2012 By Oscar F. in Oxnard

"i was looking for a ltr450 suzuki i found it here at berts im happy with my purchase thanks berts megamall" Read his review right on Yelp!

3/08/2012 By Gloria L. in South Gate

"AWESOME PLACE TO GO!!!! I went here today to buy a motorcycle ( they have over 500 different options both new n used ) n from the moment u walk in u are welcomed with a huge smile from everyone there's not one Person with a bad mood .. I was helped by Curtis batters n he was beyond amazing fast service n super friendly I'm just in love with this place EVERYONE did a great job keep up the beyond amazing work !!!!!!! FYI I left with a great bike thank u... Yes I copied n placed this from google review n no I'm not an employee I live this place next but boat !!!" Read her review right on Yelp!

2/26/2012 By Anthony V. in Los Angeles

"I just bought a 2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 and I am extremely happy with my new bike. Thank to the salesperson that helped me out a lot by the name of Robert Varis. He helped me out so much and got me a really good deal. Hey people if your looking for a really cool good looking bike summer is around the corner. Go to Berts Megamall and talk to Robert Varis. He definitely knows about motorcycles. Thank you once again" Read his review right on Yelp!

2/26/2012 By Chris W. in Glendora

"I recently purchased a set of Alpinestar motocross boots and a helmet for my girlfriend at Berts. The salesman in the accessories department, Daniel Longoria, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Daniel seemed to know everything about all of the helmets and boots in the store, needless to say, I was impressed. He helped us make an informed decision about the helmet and boots. Thanks Daniel!" Read his review right on Yelp!

2/22/2012 By Bug S. in Glendora

"I just purchased a new ninja at Bert's. I am someone who always reads reviews before making a big purchase . Even though they weren't great reviews I decided to give Berts a crack at my business. I was BLOWN away by the service and attention I got. Also, the dealership is mind blowing and beautiful. I am glad I doubted the bad reviews and went anyway. This dealer is the big dog out there and now I know why . Incredible !!!!!!!. You should give this dealer a shot no matter what, they can deliver the goods:) I am a happy happy customer!!!" Read his review right on Yelp!

2/6/2012 By Chris M. in Costa Mesa

"Niles Grant is the man to see in the service department.  I rolled my quad and was really dreading getting it fixed, but Niles took care of everything and made the experience really convenient.  He definitely went out of his way to keep me informed about the shop's progress and gave me several options for getting things fixed.  I never felt pressured or like I was being talked into expensive repairs.  After getting the call from Niles that my quad was fixed it was a great feeling going in and then hearing it roar around the corner good as new.  Thanks Niles, I'll definitely come to you when my bikes need servicing." Read his review right on Yelp!

2/6/2012 By Russell W. in Sierra Madre

"Having read a few complaints, here and in other blogs, I am writing to relate my positive experience at Bert's Mega Mall. In 2008 I purchased two motorcycles at Bert's and was satisfied with the civility of the transactions. I was, however, dubious of Bert's service department because it had to service a wide variety of vehicles (boats, skidoos, atvs,  a multi-line of motorcycles, etc.) and I was not sure it would be expert in any one motorcycle like a single-line dealership would be. After purchasing a Victory in December 2011, I am a committed Bert's customer and consider their service department to be outstanding.

I traded two motorcycles in to buy the Victory and my salesman Dave Borgeson handled the initial contact, trade-in inspections, and preliminary paperwork professionally and efficiently. I appreciated his advice and never once felt pressured.  It's rare that a "closer" should be complimented, but  Jimmy Varis negotiated courteously and respectfully. Bert's drives a deal as much as any dealer does which I cannot fault. What I can say is that Borgeson and Varis conducted themselves as fair and respectful businessmen and I would not hesitate to buy another motorcycle from them. (Incidentally, Robert Varis, Jimmy's brother, is another quality salesman at Bert's.)

The Victory had an issue with the Polaris XM radio accessory integrating with the head unit which was already suffering static in the AM reception. This was my worst nightmare:  Bert's service department working on an obscure and expensive electronic problem on a new bike that they had just begun to sell. Boy, was I wrong.

The service manager, Sean, personally inspected the bike, listened to my observations, and assured me the problem would be handled. He never equivocated or attempted to deflect accountability for the radio problems that we both agreed were probably "teething" malfunctions that all new models are prone to.  Sean's sincerity really substantiated creditability for Bert's service department.
Niles Grant, the service writer for the repairs, was nothing short of remarkable.  As a two year graduate of MMI and certified for five motorcycle makes, Niles was not only knowledgeable and courteous, but extremely conscientious as well. He made numerous update calls to me, advocated for overnight shipping of parts at Bert's expense, and even asked what specific AM stations I listened to in regards to the static. Niles is a standout performer.  It can't be left unsaid that the service department is greatly enhanced by LeeAnn, the phone receptionist, who is as courteous as she is astute to the needs of the customer.

As much as I am grateful for the sales and service personnel, I have to say I am critical of two of Bert's policies. First, the bike setup charges are inflated and convey the idea that Bert's is trying to take advantage of the unwary. Second, Bert's  parts prices are excessive. Both of these conditions turn off customers and are counterproductive to the fine efforts of the sales and service personnel." Read his review right on Yelp!

2/2/2012 By John C. in Covina

"Hey everyone I would like to give Berts a thumbs up. For those of you that would go to Berts for parts and they would not have them or they would have to order them, Berts is now stocking alot more parts. They are also stocking more tools. I have been going to berts for many years and had nothing good service from everyone in the parts department."  Read his review right on Yelp!

1/29/2012 By Tiffany A. in Orange

"GO SEE KENNEDY AT BERT"S MEGA MALL!!!!!!  I don't know what all these other reviews are bitchin about because they sound SO unlike the experience I got when I came to buy.  I did my research calling around to ALL dealerships in southern CA and Bert's was by far the absolute BEST price, they were actually under by HUNDREDS.  I have family in the industry that are head exec's of Monster and Kawasaki and I wouldnt give my review if this place didn't 100% make me happy.  I bought a 2012 kawasaki kx450, obviously not a cheap bike and I got a killer deal!  I called first and there was no pressure or run around!!  Kennedy was upfront, honest, and just willing to work with me at a price I was comfortable with to earn my business.  Process was EASY!!!  I went downt there and my paperwork was already started!!  It took a few signatures and maybe an hour at most to be complete from start to finish!!!  They went above and beyond and even helped suggest other parts we were intereseted in for the bike, AGAIN WITH NO PRESSURE TO BUY RIGHT THEN.  I will definately return to them with anything I need to buy in the future.  Staff was friendly from the moment I walked in, everyone said hello and asked if I was ok without being the typical car salesman style approach.  Peopel usually only use these sites for negative experiences because something that was probably there own fault they couldnt get the toy they wanted!!  So I had to write and tell anyone interested to definately go to BERT'S!!!!  By far largest inventory and best experience.  Again from my own experience I recommend KENNEDY!!!!!  Because I was 100% happy with my purchase and experience!!!!!"  Read her review right on Yelp!

1/27/2012 By Justine S. in Upland

"This is the second time my boyfriend has made a motorcylce purchase from here. He was very pleased with the customer service. ROBERT was the associate that helped him out throughout the whole purchase. ROBERT was also very friendly in introducing himself to myself and out daughters. JIMMY I believe was a manager also was very personable and introduced himself to the whole family. These guys had exceptionally awesome customer service .. this is the only place my boyfriend buys his motorcylces from.."  Read her review right on Yelp!

1/18/2012 By Greston D. in Riverside

"Just bought an 09 R6 and I am more than pleased with the process. Robert Varis was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We were able to come to a deal quickly and came back the next day to pick up the bike. The only downside would have to be finding one of the turn signals not working. The connectors were loose but after some adjustment everything was fine. Thanks a lot Robert!"  Read his review right on Yelp!

1/15/2012 By John H. in Chino

"Thanks to all the folks at Berts for providing years of supports and great service (Jesse) to my family and myself.  Whether we are buying a new bike, getting service, or needing parts, Berts has always been there for us.  Good service is important to me, that's why we keep coming back."  Read his review right on Yelp!

1/15/2012 By Steve F. in Norwalk: 

"Burts is a great place to do business with.  Burts gets it, EVERYONE does excellent customer service. That's why I am a customer there. Larry in sales and Shawn in parts keep up the good work."  Read his review right on Yelp!

1/13/2012 By Matthew D. in Palmdale: 

"I want to thank the team at Berts for making this happen for me.
Zarli, Bruno, and David; YOU ALL ROCK!!!!
I would really like to put a humongous shout-out to Zarli, my sales rep. What a pleasure it was to do business with you. I am Sea-Doo for life, and I will always come to you; where ever you are in the future.
To the managers and executives at Berts: You need ALL of your people to handle their clients like Zarli took care of us.
Bruno, it was a pleasure to do the paperwork with you. You were thorough, expedient, and a wonderful demeanor about you.
David, it was a real pleasure to have you deliver the craft to me. You too were thorough and very knowledgeable about the craft, and answered all of my questions completely. David also displayed exemplary demeanor during our time with him.  Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts for a pleasurable experience.

Wow, I can't believe the reviews here.  
My wife & I are return customers, and we were appreciated by all we came into contact with.
The only 'negative' I/we have with our experience @ Bert's was Max (not sure about spelling, just thats how it came across in my 1 & only conversation with him.
Look folks, If max is involved in your deal, remove him, or seek validation for everything he says. I can NOT believe that a dept. manager is ignorant of much, and for max to be ignorant, or misinformed or whatever concerning financing and bank rates is ridiculous.
Max will bold face lie to you, he did to us. IMO

Zarli is the one who saved the entire deal for the establishment, she went above and beyond to make sure i was taken care of.  She is knowledgeable, polite, and capable.  If you go to Berts - see Zarli; make an appt. if you have to.

They must have had a mgt. change, because my experience was nothing like those I read here.

I will go back again, ...and again"  Read his review right on Yelp!

There are dozens more removed or filtered by

The bottom line here at Bert's is that we care! If you have an issue contact us directly so we can try to fix it for you as soon as possible! Call our customer service at 626.430.9430 or go to our contact page and fill out the form. We care about our customers!



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